Walked in on my Polygamous Husband….

b5b8b-funI came home rather late from work yesterday, and thought I’d just quickly drop by my husband and say hello before I went home to Graham.

I called out a greeting when I entered, but there was no reply. I was a bit worried then, because he said he’d be home. My husband has been doing a great job fighting his nafs, trying to learn to live polygamy but I know it has been hard. Having Graham next door is a bit trying to him at times, and I was afraid he was back to being depressed.

So I went to check the bedroom to see if he had been home to change after work. And there he was, busy wanking, having it off with his #2 on Skype.

I have never seen anybody move that fast, it really was hilarious. He threw the computer to the side, trying to cover up using a towel he had ready on the floor. Problem was he dropped the computer screen facing out so there she was, spread eagled, looking – I can tell you – very un-niqabed… It was just too much, I think I have never in my life laughed as much!! 😀 I managed to squeak that I was sorry and tumbled downstairs…

Gee.. 😀

Well, this morning I popped in just to see that we were alright. My husband was a bit embarrassed, but we were able to just laugh a bit about it. But apparently, his #2 had been extremely upset, demanding he bar me from the house on the days that aren’t mine.. 😀

She seems to have forgotten a couple of things… First of all, the house is mine, just mine, so neither he nor she can bar me from going there whenever I wish. Secondly, she has given all her days to me, in writing!! She only gets four weeks a year! So she was really having cybersex with my husband on MY day – what is she complaining about???

I know that in islam, the polygamous husband can come and go as he pleases during the day, he can visit any wife just as he wants. So I will do that too. He can also have sex with any of the wives during the day according to some scholars. Bimbo should be happy I have agreed not to do that!

This is exactly what I told my husband to tell his other woman.

11 thoughts on “Walked in on my Polygamous Husband….

  1. Most women would have been hurt thinking they would check up on their husband because he was upset over their situation, but then found him not upset or even thinking about her at all but instead quite engrossed with the 2nd. Weren’t you bothered even a little bit about finding your husband having cybersex with his 2nd?

  2. You now, I believe at first I was just shocked! I laughed and laughed because it had all been so utterly ridiculous! I had to stand in the pantry for five minutes and breathe before I managed to go back home. I mean, I didn’t want to tell Graham about it.. Honestly, it was like a really bad version of an Adam Sandler movie. And you know, oddly enough I didn’t feel jealous. I felt shocked, but it was just too ridiculous! I have been thinking about it today, why I wasn’t jealous. And I think it was because the joke was so totally on her – and him – that it really didn’t bother me. I do understand however why she was upset! God, if that had happened to me I would have wanted to die..

  3. I think you should apologize to the sister and your husband.
    Your co-wife has right to intimacy with her husband and your husband and she have right to privacy. So you should apologize and focus on what is good for the family. Respectfully, Amir

  4. Hello Amir!

    I have no co-wife. My husband has a kept woman whom he calls his “wife” due to some kind of voodoo hoax wedding. She has nothing to do with me and is my nothing. She has no legal rights whatsoever when it comes to my husband. None. She has no right to privacy when she is cyberfucking my husband, showing herself naked with open legs to the world in my house. I am going to focus on what is good for my family thank you. And if she wants to apologize, I might be willing to listen.

  5. Amir:
    “So you should apologize and focus on what is good for the family. Respectfully, Amir”

    I think you should apologize for telling someone else what is good for them, and focus on what is good for you. Respectfully, Dale.

  6. Just a thought: Is this chaste Muslimah aware that nothing transmitted via the internet stays private? Before Snowden, we could have guessed that communication online might be supervised, intercepted, watched. It would have been a little paranoid. Since Snowden we know that’s the way it is. Also, whistleblowing from intelligence data analysts let us know that finding porn pics or videos is a jackpot for those guys. They keep it if they like it, they might share and show it around with colleagues. I’d be *extremely* surprised if no one in those intelligence services were to intercept skype calls from countries like Oman to the UK.

    Chances are not only you have seen the chaste Muslimah naked with her legs spread. Chances are her porn got passed around even.. and you might be more right than you think about “for the world to see…”.

  7. I don’t think she knows 🙂 Mark isn’t very careful either! I always use open proxies and several other anonymity services.

  8. Intimacy Amir? Really? How is cybersex intimate? Theres no intimacy at all. Its quite dirty and desperate actually.

    Oh and Amir, you didnt mention the fact masturbation is haram, so Mark should be apologising to his creator?

  9. Wow Fiona, I am happy you were able to laugh at the situation. I am sure similar situation can be a difficult, painful situation in unequal polygamy.
    When did she give you in writing about different schedule?

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