Beauty of Polygamy – True Story

imagesI read this article about a woman with five husbands and I must say I’m impressed. Five! πŸ™‚

I thought it was a very interesting article since it shows that muslim resistance to polyandry is all cultural. Of course it is beneficial for a woman to have several men to love her, see to her needs and provide for her and the children!

There are two really important things mentioned in the article. First of all that she states that she gets much more love and attention than monogamous women. Naturally! That’s what it’s all about, that’s why men want polygamy and that’s why they want to keep polygamy exclusively for men! They want more love, attention and sex, but they don’t want to have to share their women or give up on any pleasures for themselves… This is utter and disgusting selfishness!

Secondly, who’s the biological father of the children is not important. This is so great! The children belong to the family, they all love and protect the children and share parenthood. This is true polygamy, true selfless love where the interests of the children come first, not the egotistical wish of a man to know who is his biological child. They are all the fathers of the child!


14 thoughts on “Beauty of Polygamy – True Story

  1. How does the woman cope with so many husbands? What if they all need her the same day?
    Does she not then feel like a challenge prize? :p

  2. Hello Ardin and welcome!

    It’s interesting you should ask that question. Would you ask a polygamous man the same thing?

    Bukhari (62:6) – β€œThe Prophet used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night, and he had nine wives.”

    What do you think, did Muhammad feel like a challenge prize?

  3. I love my husband very much, but he is not very passionate, he is more a twice a week guy. For me this would be a perfect solution because I want the love and attention part too not a one night stand. Are there any marriage sites for women who would like to marry a second husband? I think my husband would accept this also because our unequal libido is wearing him thin.

  4. Hi Unna, and welcome! I don’t know of any marriage sites for women who are looking for a second husband, sorry. Maybe we could start one up? πŸ˜‰ Many of my friends are in their forties, and I can tell you it’s a lot more common that the husbands are having problems keeping up in bed than the other way around, that’s for sure!! But many women are sensible enough to avoid picking up men in bars or having an affair at the office. So a site really sounds like a great idea!

  5. Whoops – I checked and there are plenty! For women looking for plural husbands, and wives looking for an affair…. So just google it girl! πŸ˜‰

  6. Salam,
    @ Fiona,here are some of the women you might find interesting,in my opinin they are following their deen,and not allowing men to dictate to them.I find women like Fatima Omar(women’s empowerment speaker,left her abusive husband ,and now speaks to women to live their own life,without fear or pain),and Dr.Rasha al-Disuqi speaks about women in Islam,and in my opining places men in their place.I hope you enjoy their view on Islam


  7. so this woman with 5 husbands….does she require her husbands to be true to her only? do the “hubbies” get together to decide on a schedule so they can be with the queen bee LOL! Or does she take them all on in one night having to clean herself from the semen in between marathon sex? What a bunch of crap this is.You can bet these men will get tired of being used & demand their rights (like you did) to be polygamist & want extra wives….in that case …what next? An orgy of course.Everyone wanting their rights & everyone screwing everyone & swapping sexuel fluids & going back to the first one to share those fluids & accidently saying someone elses name in bed .What a friggin disgusting life style that is.Polygamy is from hell

  8. you are promoting being a whore……Don’t get me wrong….you can do anything thing you want but do you really think that this is wise & moral? Do you honor God & the ten commandments or do you even believe in God?

  9. From the bottom of my heart, I believe we are meant to be monogamous.

    I do believe however that if one spouse chooses polygamy, the other spouse is free to do so too.

  10. I don’t believe in god. I’m an agnostic. I believe in equal rights, equal obligations, human kind and a healthy amount of duty ethics.

  11. Fiona…..Thank you for being honest….I understand you now & where you are coming from. I am a Christian & i also believe in equal rights & i want to say that Jesus who died for you taught equal rights…..when he said “There is neither Greek nor Jew nor slave nor free nor male nor female that is above anyone else.For we are all one in Christ Jesus”
    Also i personally believe that polygamy is wrong.I can see your point about if a man chooses polygamy then his wife should be able to do so also (equal rights) But think about this….if you believe polygamy is wrong in the first place……why would you do it yourself? To show that you have equal rights? Or to get back at your husband so he can feel the pain he has caused you? Two wrongs never equal a right. God also protected marriage & made it holy .Vows made to a mate in marriage before God & man are not taken lightly in God’s eyes.If a man has taken a vow of “forsaking all others” then he can never be a polygamist.But if he does’nt even believe in god ……well then it’s a free for all because then he only answers to himself making up the rules as he serves his own self not some god that he does’nt even think is real. The bible says…..” The fool says in his heart there is no god”……….I did’nt say that …..the Bible said it.

  12. If a man chooses polygamy, he must believe polygamy is right – beneficial and good. Hence, for the wife to marry a second too must be beneficial and good – nes pas?
    I have actually seen many advantages to polygamy. Without polygamy, I would never have had Tamsin. I might simply right a post about the ups to polygamy πŸ˜‰

  13. You make a good point Fiona about there being advantages of polygamy.

    If I take emotions out of my equation (:), yeah right I hear us all say) it could be reasonable.

    My husband wants to have more children and raise them muslim. But he loves me and doesn’t want to lose me. I feel the same about him.

    Perhaps he should consider polygamy? And perhaps I could have another partner if I chose to at some point?

    To be honest, I don’t feel inclined to do that but maybe we are one situation where polygamy isn’t absurd.

    Wouldn’t that be ironic. That I leave islam and then enter polygamy πŸ™‚

  14. πŸ™‚ As you say, there are situations where polygamy might be an option. But polygamy can only work if it is consensual, and equal. I can tell you – a polygamist partner acts 100% differently if he/she knows the spouse can choose polygamy too!!!

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