A Real Dog!

NAFC_FC_AFC_Brophys_Absolute_Power_ClintI spent most of the day at the vet’s. One of the dogs was stung by a wasp and became really ill. I didn’t know dogs can be allergic to wasps, same as humans, but apparently they can. She’s much better now, but for a while there she hung on by the skin of her teeth. Thank god for modern medicine. I can tell you, the veterinary hospital seemed more efficient and modern than the local GH, and definitely more service minded and customer oriented…

Right now, I’m spent! Happily, my husband just said Go! this morning when Graham called to say the dog was ill. So no drama, and I am grateful. He could so easily have started a fight about whose day it was or how I was to compensate him for time lost, or whatever. Instead, I came home to a bowl of homemade soup and a glass of wine. My husband is clearing up, and we’ll go sit in the conservatory for a while.

I do love summer evenings. The conservatory was added to the house during the Edwardian era, and the painted Art Nouveau panes turn the light into a silky shade of pink. Being a woman in her mid forties, I appreciate basking in warm and forgiving light as I prepare for a romantic evening.. 🙂

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