Why Polygyny and not Polyandry in Islam?

NiqabpureWhy does islam allow polygyny and not polyandry? The reason is obvious. In a patriarchal society where men have had power based on sheer physical strength they will invent laws to grant them rights over women and rights to restrict women and dominate women. The first laws that would be invented in such a patriarchal society would be laws to grant men the power and right to get what they want the most: the right to sex sex, the right to force women to obey them, the right to imprison women, the right to beat women if they don’t obey or give the men as much sex as they want. An lo and behold, these are exactly the rights that islam grant to men! Surprise!

Islamic men of course have worked hard for hundreds of years justifying this, inventing religious excuses for this behaviour. Lately, in a more secular society, they have also invented excuses based on false science or ludicrous sociology. This is what it might sound like:

Legally speaking, a husband is not required to seek permission from his first wife before getting married to a second one. Had that been a condition, no second marriage would ever have taken place, because no woman would permit her husband to get married to another, unless if she is an extraordinary person or the circumstances are exceptional.

So – men are allowed to marry again without the consent of the first wife since it is so obviously hurtful, excruciating and harmful to the first wife that no sane woman would allow it. So this muslim scholar admits the fact that polygyny is highly detrimental to women! He thus admits that polygyny is all about the base lust and desires of the man and his right to cause unimaginable pain to his first wife and children!

Also, even in normal situations, if the first wife has developed some medical problems, for instance, which prevents her from performing the normal functions of a wife, a ban on polygamy would leave the husband who is not prepared to make a life-long sacrifice with only one choice: He would divorce his first wife to marry another. How very unfair!

What about women who are married to infertile men? This is just as common. They would then naturally be allowed to marry second husbands?? No?? How very unfair!! This misogynist BS is so sadly perverted and full of intellectual dishonesty.

Even if we were to imagine that a husband isn’t quite as careful in his conduct as Muslim men should be while dealing with the members of the opposite sex and as a consequence he gets interested in another lady to the extent that he wants to marry her, why should the first wife not be given the option to either live with her husband, adjusting to the new reality, or leaving him? Similarly, in such a situation, if plural marriages are banned, a husband is left with the choice of either divorcing his first wife or maintaining illicit relations with the other lady. The contemporary Western society, as a consequence of adopting a stubborn stance against polygamy, have settled for the latter choice.

What about married women who fall in love, or simple become extremely horny and need more sex? A husband can always get more sex from his first wife, a wife can’t force her husband into getting a hard on… So women have a better argument for being allowed plural husbands than men do to have plural wives! But in islam we are forced to have illicit affairs making cuckolds of our husbands, or give up our identity, our needs and our selves…

If polygamy is allowed why is polyandry (allowing women to have several husbands) not allowed as well? The reason is simple: It is important that in case of every child parents should be clearly identified so that both parents and children could attend to the respective obligations they owe to each other. In case a woman has several husbands, that identifiaction would become impossible. (Source: http://www.khalidzaheer.com/qa/154)

Nowadays, establishing fatherhood is a two minute, 100% fool proof test! Voila, problem solved! By allowing polyandry society would also solve the problem with millions of babies who are forced to grow up not knowing their true fathers since their mothers were forced to have affairs instead of honorable polyandry when their first husband proved infertile, or became polygynous thereby forcing the first wife to take a lover o satisfy her needs of love and sex. This would finally save men from being lied to about being fathers to the babies of other men!

105 thoughts on “Why Polygyny and not Polyandry in Islam?

  1. Why the hell would anyone want to give birth to 20+ children? Her uterus would fall out. Pregnancy for many women is no joyride, and in some cases, especially when the wife is relegated to the role of brood mare, it can be life-endangering.

    How could a child receive decent individual attention from his or her parents when they’d have to compete with 19 or more siblings? In polygyny, that problem becomes even more of an issue. But… oh that’s right – because it’s not about love for children or family, it’s about breeding as many little workers as possible, and “increasing the Ummah” *insert eye-roll here*

  2. Unchained, Don’t be surprised if the guy comes back using your point to justify polygyny. See we practice polygyny because we don’t want to burden 1 wife with so many pregnancies! Basically they will twist anything to fit their agenda. Sustainability of whole mankind on this earth left aside (can’t expect them to think at that level ever) they don’t even want to think about how one man will provide for and spend time with 4 wives and dozens of children. On top of that he is talking about 2-3 hour tantric sex sessions! I agree with Sots the man is clearly dreaming and doesn’t have any experience with even 1 wife and kids.

  3. True, Laila. Men like these would avoid even thinking about several major important points regarding polygyny in order to fit their agenda, let alone discuss them with some level of honesty.

  4. He’d have to ignore what else I said, which is that a child amongst 19+ siblings cannot possibly get the nurturing from parents he/she needs, and that problem is only worse if the father is gone half to 3/4 of his formative years. But then, these men couldn’t care less about the kids or the wives.

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