Sweet Nothings in Polygamy

French_KissI am stuck, trying to write, getting nowhere. Inspiration needs hard work, and I’m simply too tired today!

I called a friend and we have decided to meet up for lunch. Hopefully some good food, girl’s talk and relaxation will make me feel better.

Tonight I’m taking my husband out for pizza and a movie. I wish I had never seen Notting Hill, because that’s the movie I’d like to see.

My husband was so sweet yesterday, trying to answer my questions about being a polygamous husband even though I could tell he was mega uncomfortable, he was actually squirming. When I left to go home to Graham he held me and gave me the softest kiss on the neck and whispered about how much he loves me. We have agreed to no sex after sunset on the other husband’s day, so I had to leave him there even though he made me want him very much. So I can tell you I’m really looking forward to seeing him tonight! 🙂

The last discussions here about what you tell your different spouses in polygamy have made me stop and think, I must say. When I say “I love you” – does it mean different things to my different husbands? Yes, and no. Love, passion, infatuation – I mean they are never the same. Do I sweet-talk my husbands the same way? Ah, yes, I do. I admit it. I mean they are my words of endearment, they come without thinking. Maybe I have to write a post about this. The language of love in polygamy.

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