Calm Everyday Life in Polygamy

7c565-keep-calm-and-you-can-do-it-13I am so busy at work, trying to catch up, and so is Graham. Yesterday we were almost too tired to talk when we both at last sat down to have dinner.

Graham is having some problems with a couple of contracts, and I am trying to work out a deal on a book. I find myself wishing at least one of my children had opted to study law… At least my daughter is doing economics and that will come in useful. My son is sadly walking in my footsteps, and although history can be a useful subject to know, it’s not of much value in the private market.. 😉

The annex is really coming along nicely. Graham has chosen to get rid of almost all his old furniture and go for a very modern look, which feels good since the other house is full of period stuff that my family has collected over the years. So the two homes are very different, and that is comforting in a way. I am beginning to find that even though proximity is convenient, separate is good. I don’t think I would ever want us to be one family, I have two husbands, but my marriages are separate and I want to live two separate lives.

Still, it’s a great relief that my husbands are trying to get along. I hope it works out, I don’t ever want to see the drama return…

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