“Screw the Law” – Motto of polygamist Muslims in the US

Islamic center, Washington D.C.

Islamic center, Washington D.C.

A lot of muslim men move to the US to receive green cards by marrying American reverts. Many of these men don’t tell their new wives about the families with wives and children they already have going in other parts of the world.

Many muslims in the US however live with husbands who land them in polygyny by becoming bigamists after they have married their American wives. Many wives stay with their bigamist husbands because they believe they must because polygyny is halal, because they can’t earn a living on their own, because they are afraid of their abusive husbands or because they have children and are afraid of losing them.

Many of these women, like Ana, aid and abet their bigamist husbands and help them evade the law. Ana e.g. tells us that her husband, who became polygamous in order to punish Ana for being too independent, and also to be able to fuck a white trash burger flipper, is in a “family oriented business”, and that if it ever became known that her husband is a bigamist he would lose his job as well as go to jail. So Ana becomes an accomplice and helps her husband get away with breaking the law. She tells us that her husband keeps porn in his cell phone, easily accessible, and that his white trash second wife sends him hard core porn, starring herself. So you might just wonder if the muslim guy who is your family G.P., or if the muslim guy who is headmaster of your children’s school is the guy who is a bigamist with hardcore porn on his cell, who jerks off when his wife cries with the pain from being landed in polygyny as a punishment. This sexual sadist, who is also living in a family who believes in men’s right to rape and impregnate children, is thus aided by his wife to be allowed to screw the law, his employer and his clients and society.

Another woman, whose husband has told her that he wants to become polygamous, writes:

Just today, me and hubs conversed abt infidelity. He said men are just useless in keeping on their toes if they keep women behind their backs. Women are just too sensitive to detect their straying men. So he said polygamy is one of the reason to counter such issues. i asked why? He said maybe sparks just appear with another woman. At this point i can just cry but controlled. i shouldnt appear defeated although my mind goes he may have someone in his mind already. but he didnt mentioned anything about himself. so i exercised some restraint in pinning him down. he continued with saying, women are too sensitive that even if a man does nothing she suspects something. Hah how true. Im not sure though whether it was something to evade himself or maybe it’s just a fact. Urgh my mind can get cuckoo.

currently hubs secured a tenure in our local uni. so he thought of getting a breather and do some research in D.C for 3 months from sept…leaving me and the kids. in fact he just returned from Virginia right before ramadan. And he plans to get a year sabbatical to learn arabic in Morocco or somewhere together with the family. Adding on to that, searching for a job elsewhere maybe in the states to settle the whole family to get a better quality family life. where im staying is fast paced and everyone is in the rat race even in schools. A car in the US which costs 9k can cost us 20k. so i guess he does put us priority now after struggling hard to obtain the tenure. he wants to gain back the time he lost along the way.

Im learning along the way and hope to be strong when he drops the bomb on me. I wanna go ‘inner peace’ like some master shifu and just surprise him with my calmness.

As you can see, they are in the US, and this bigamist in spe is working as a tenured teacher. He obviously thinks that being sexually prone to infidelity is reason enough to become a bigamist. And he is teaching your children!! 😦 These people obviously don’t consider themselves bound by law, decency or the ethics of the society in which they live. I see that I have about 200 readers every day from the US alone. With the info above, I guess it would be possible to find this guy and the day he decides to become a bigamist, make sure the law find out about it!

One thing to remember too, is that there are many muslims out there who are moderates, who respect democracy and the law of the land. People like Ana and her husband, and the couple cited above, are posing a dangerous threat not only to democracy, society and children and adults in it, but also to law-abiding muslims who have to bear the brunt of mistrust against muslims caused by fanatical islamists, bigamists and other criminals who believe their religion places them above the law.

Many islamic websites propagate bigamy in the US, saying it’s not as bad as homosexuality (One thing is for certain – you won’t find any gender discriminating MF:s in a homosexual marriage!! 😉 ) and that the law of Allah is better than the law of man, and that polygyny isn’t abusive anyway. You can find this sort of crap e.g. here, where a man full of lies, falsified science and discriminating misogynist BS keeps telling people in the US to allow misogyny and discrimination according to islam, against the law.

As you can see this muslim gentleman e.g. states that

polygamy is not abusive. You might not like it. It might be emotionally distressing. But it’s not abusive. The only thing that might get hurt is a woman’s feelings.

First of all, this logic means that bullying in schools e.g. is not abusive. The only thing that might get hurt is a child’s feelings… I don’t need to point out how vile and nauseating this argument is! But also, this discriminating misogynist states that polygamy only hurts the feelings of women (or woman actually, the second, third et.c. wife apparently is in no danger of being hurt..) . What about children? There is overwhelming evidence that polygyny hurts and destroys the lives of most children exposed to it! But in this misogynist’s world, obviously, children don’t matter. He obviously also discriminates in not allowing polygamy to mean a wife having several husbands too.

He does mention that polygyny is illegal, but he claims it’s not important. Another muslim man saying that islam in the US is above the law. He clarifies his utter contempt of the US laws by writing:

What is evil and reprehensible is permitted, and what is good and beneficial is forbidden.

This is islam in the US today. Not only breaking the law, but despising it.

6 thoughts on ““Screw the Law” – Motto of polygamist Muslims in the US

  1. Greetings. I have read quite a lot on Polygamy 411 and I do believe a lot of women there are simply trying to cope in a very difficult situation. I hope they find peace. It is worrying though how many of them show total disregard for national law, both in the US, UK and Canada where many of them live. I have also seen Ana defend childmarriages and this sickens me. She, and many of the others, also seem to think the law is only an inconvenience, something that can be ignored if their faith or everyday life demands it. This is contrary to islam. Islam says that you must break the law if it is trying to force you to do something haram, or is preventing you from something obligatory. Of course cild marriages are not obligatory. Neither is polygyny. So believers must obey the law if it prohibits polygyny. Ana is an apostate and a khaffr since she believes she knows better than islam and the scholars. And she is teaching and spreading these harmful falsehoods. This is terrifying. Thanks for letting me speak here. It is an important issue.

  2. Fiona

    Can’t you find it in your heart to feel a little for Ana?

    She has been badly hurt. Her story of how Alex became polygamous tells us how much she hurt and fought to regain her happiness.
    She is a lonely woman, she tells us how she avoids people. She is not close with her family, who in many ways have failed her. Can’t you pity her?
    I think she harbors a lot of anger and she is trying to use her religion to save herself, and she has chosen the things in religion that give her peace – if anybody questions her worldview she will attack

    She is a very simple woman. As you see she can’t spell right, she misuses words, she can’t even understand a simple poem, she says so herself. How is she to have any real understanding of islam, relationships or anything else? Can’t you feel a bit sad for her, and show her some pity instead of only venom? I wish you all the best. I must admit many of your posts make me laugh. I am happy for you that things are calm. Hugs.

  3. Dear Friend,

    I would pity her, if she pitied others. I agree that she has been abused, and that the story of the abuse and how she gets the Stockholm syndrome is extremely sad. But now, she is the abuser and she is spreading venom and disaster. Her views are disgusting. The right of men to marry and impregnate any child who has had her first menses, be it five or six years old? The right of men to deny their wives divorce? The right of men to marry four wives without asking or telling prior wives? The right of men to beat their wives? The right to tell anybody who questions her that if you question Ana you question Allah since Ana is obviously the only one who can read the quran? She claims to be able to understand the quran, but facing a short poem by Dickinson she writes” I haven’t a clue what the poem you shared with us mean. I read it twice and it will be all for me. I felt a headache coming on. The poem is way over my head. If you like, you could explain it to me like I’m a two year”!!! This really is laughable!!! She is a dangerous woman. You are right, she is a simpleton. The idiots with some knowledge are the most dangerous people. She has studied the quran, she claims, but is obviously incapable of understanding any kind of complex text. Stupid is forever, ignorance can be fixed.
    The tragedy is, she is also too stupid to simply shut up to hide her lack of intelligence.

    Maybe she should try reading Einstein: Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.

  4. Why are muslim polygynists in the west not arrested for bigamy? If a muslim marriage without a license is a way to escape the bigamy law, why not simply add a clause about this to the law making it easy to prosecute and send these men to prison? Since muslim bigamists also add abuse and discrimination to the crime, such an act of bigamy should render twice the time!

  5. A Friend:
    I’d like to add in here about Ana. Compassion is a true state of being, and it keeps one connected to people. It is not an indiscriminant outlook. Any woman who calls another woman a “sperm receptacle” should just be walked away from without looking back.

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