Polygamy – A Way Through

imagesGuess what?

I’ve spent the day alone!

This morning, Graham came to London on business. We weren’t going to be in touch since it’s my first husband’s day. Suddenly though, I got a text from Graham.

“Meeting your #1 for lunch”.


So I called my first husband and he laughed and said yeah, he had decided to take my advice and meet Graham. Not at Starbucks but at our favorite Thai close to Tottenham Court Road.


It felt really odd I can tell you. So I was sitting here during lunch, thinking about them meeting, talking – maybe about me… Yeah, it really felt awkward.

When my husband came home from work a while ago I couldn’t prevent myself from trying to find out what had been said but he simply told me they had had a great lunch and I should mind my own business. And I can’t call Graham to snoop either since we have promised not to be in contact with the spouse whose day it isn’t. So there you are..

My husband did say though that he has decided he must find a way through. He must learn to accept facts and try to see things in polyandry that are beneficial. One of the things he has decided to do is get over the feeling that Graham is his enemy and an intruder. He says he wants to see if there’s a way they can learn to appreciate each other. Wow!

My husband seems very chipper and is preparing homemade hamburgers in the garden. I suppose I’ll just find a nice claret, put my feet up and go with the flow 😀

Suddenly I realize why polygamous husbands talk about wives ganging up on them, and why their are strict rules in islamic polygyny never to divulge details or secrets from one spouse to the other… 😉

Tomorrow we’re going to a country fair, I’ll put a hat on and go all Midsomer but without the murders hopefully.

2 thoughts on “Polygamy – A Way Through

  1. I am curious Fiona if you have thought about these questions? Where would you be now, if you had not met Graham or if Graham had refused to part of polygamy? Do you think you would have divorced your husband? What if your husband had refused to accept Graham and said he would divorce you if you did not give Graham up? What if a couple years down the road either Graham or your husband decides they will not stay with you as long as you have a relationship with the other? Are you willing to live monogamy with either of them if that should happen?

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