Breakfast, tea and me -Polygamy Surprise

ThreeringsMy husband is now fasting from sunrise to sunset. So I woke him up before sunrise and served breakfast in bed. 🙂

Since he wants to get up during the night to pray, we usually sleep in separate bedrooms during ramadan. My husband can get up, pray, go back to bed and fall asleep instantly. I don’t. If he wakes me during the night, I won’t be able to sleep another wink… 😦 So he was very pleasantly surprised when I appeared in the guest bedroom before dawn serving breakfast, tea and me 😉

While my husband’s at work, I’m with Graham. We are still using islamic rules for polygamy, so I can spend my days with the husband I prefer. Graham and I are helping some friends of ours today. Their daughter is moving to Norwich and UEA and we are packing, carrying boxes and later I’ll be serving lunch.

I am thinking about arranging some kind of surprise for Eid. Something to make my husband happy, make him forget Eid is one of the set dates his #2 chose for him to be with her. Something really special. Please let me know if you come up with any ideas!

#2 has finally stopped texting on my days with my first husband. I suppose they’re on Skype constantly on my days with Graham. All good. She can have that – I have everything else!

2 thoughts on “Breakfast, tea and me -Polygamy Surprise

  1. How long do you think you’ll be able to string your husband along like this? How long before he acts like a man and either leaves you or forces you to behave? What will you do then?

  2. Hello Nubio! How do you propose my husband should “make me behave”? 🙂
    To answer your question: I believe I can “string my husband along” as long as he would rather stay with me than leave. It’s no different to polygyny that way. At least my husband has the option to divorce should he want to, many women who find themselves in forced polygyny don’t have that option since islam denies women the right to choose divorce, making them their husbands’ prisoners.

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