Sunni Religious Court Judge says Marital Rape is a Man’s Marital Right

Criminalizing marital rape “could lead to the imprisonment of the man,” Sheik Ahmad Al-Kurdi, a judge in the Sunni religious court, told CNN, “where in reality he is exercising the least of his marital rights.” (Source: CNN)

While people now are being killed in Egypt, fighting over freedom and power, women are fighting a two front war. They are fighting both for the freedom and the power that so many people in Egypt want, and for basic human rights. They are fighting for the right to exist in the public space. They are fighting for their right to make their voice heard, to leave their homes without being raped, to stay in their homes without being raped, to be treated like human beings by the law and by their muslim “brothers”.

Tahir Bodyguards is a group that is aimed at saving women from being raped when they dare leave their homes in Egypt. This group is doing necessary work: 1 out of 200 women in Egypt have never been sexually assaulted. The biggest problem though is that marital rape is not considered a crime, and no bodyguard will save you there.

And marital rape is, as so often in muslim countries, defended and sometimes even cheered on, by representatives of islam and the sharia courts.

Domestic violence cases in Lebanon are typically heard in the religious courts, which often respond with rulings focused on preserving the family unit, rather protecting women from violence.

It’s a response that abused women are usually met with from police as well, says Lebanese lawyer Amer Badreddine.

“They are told to solve the problem amicably, to keep it a family issue and not cause embarrassment to themselves by bringing it to the police,” said Badreddine, who specializes in domestic violence cases. (Source: CNN)

Fanatical islamist polygyny sites are now writing about how one Egyptian woman has publicly demanded “women’s right to polygyny”. It says a lot when you think this is what matters, one woman wanting to be a second wife, while millions of others are wanting to be free, equal human beings.

2 thoughts on “Sunni Religious Court Judge says Marital Rape is a Man’s Marital Right

  1. Marriage is a contract. The man must provide food and house and everything. The woman must provide a good home and sex. Women would complain if men didn’t provide house and food, why do they complain if they must provide sex that they have promised? Nobody would make big argument if women stole food from their husband if he left them to starve!

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