Polygamy -Home and Away

450px-Brandenburger_Tor_Berlin_2005I took my first husband to Berlin.

We’ve been staying in a great hotel close to the Tiergarten. I had to work the first couple of days, but after that we just enjoyed the beautiful city and being together.

There is so much to see! I love museums and spent days at the Neues Museum (Nefertiti is intoxicatingly beautiful!), Pergamon and the different art museums. And of course, we went to Checkpoint Charlie (the guy who built that museum must have been a signomaniac! 🙂 ), the DDR-museum, the Jewish museum and the museum of German History. The special exhibitions were really good – Gulag and 1933-38. I am fascinated by the Weimar Republic – how democracy could fall and evil rise. Food for thought.

It felt absolutely fantastic to have this time together with my husband. It felt almost monogamous, we’ve been able to focus on each other and leave our other marriages out. We just spent one evening talking about our second spouses and the future – I’ll tell you about it later.

At home, Graham and my son have been together, clearing out Graham’s old flat. My son is staying there until August, when the new people move in. The annex is looking great! It did however feel a bit strange to kiss my husband goodbye and walk across the garden to Graham who was standing outside, waiting for me, kissing me while my husband was looking from the conservatory. I need time to get used to the proximity, just like my husbands do.

Good to be home.

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