Why do Women want to be like Men? Q&A

All forms of discrimination are horrid!

All forms of discrimination are horrid!

Why do Women want to be like Men?

Note: This text was written in answer to the heinous question Why do women want to be like men. Heinous? Yes. When asked meaning: Why do women want equal human rights? Why do women want equality? This text was written to demonstrate how this question has been asked before in history to deny groups of people basic human rights and equality. If you do not understand irony and if you do not understand parables, you should refrain from reading this text.

Why do black people want to be like white people?

White people have built civilisation. White people have developed democracy and democratic laws.

Black people invented slavery.

White people have built piece, and a modern economy. White poeple carry the burden of state, of education and of industrialization.

Black men are strong. They are best fitted to work the field, to use their bodies.

Why do blacks want to be like whites?

A democracy demands of people that they are educated. Why would black people want to take that burden on themselves? Why do black people want the vote? History clearly shows democracy is not in the nature of black people.

Why do black people want the right to pray in the same churches as white people? Be treated in the same hospitals, educated in the same schools?

They have their own churches where they can sing their own songs, without having to adjust to white culture. They have their own hospitals, their own schools where they can be educated according to what befits the nature of the black person.

Why do blacks want to be like whites?

Blacks are better at many sports, they are good at music they have a wit and language of their own. See – I am stressing their qualities!! I am not being discriminating! I am not saying that they are inferior. I am just saying that they are different.

Why do blacks want to be like white people?

I hope, Mister ”Black Man in Strong Support of Marriage Equality” that this answers your question ”Why do women want to be like men?”.


6 thoughts on “Why do Women want to be like Men? Q&A

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  2. It is not telling a history. It is irony.

    If you don’t understand that, that in a way explains a lot.

    I believe that all people are equal. That all people are naturally equal and must have equal rights. You apparently do not.

  3. As an Agonistic, can you justify why all human beings are equal? According to natural law, we are not. The only reason secularist have a belief in that all human beings are equal is because of the Christian concept that are souls are equal before God.

    Next time don’t use such a eurocentric/ racist telling

  4. There are many justifications. The best being that the alternative is unthinkable. The alternative is racism, discrimination, Holocaust and slavery. If you want a justification look at e.g. Rawls, Kant and Mill.

    I will try to explain this to you, since irony is obviously beyond you. The “telling” above is based on the heinous, vile kind of arguments white people used to justify discrimination against coloureds. They have been used, they were the kind of arguments, the kind of beliefs that people actually held, based on false science, and used to deny coloured people equal rights. You are using the exact same kind of heinous, vile arguments based on falsified science, to deny equal rights to women. You are being a white supremacist of the most disgusting kind!! But you are doing it as a man against women instead of as a white against a coloured. You are a gender racist. It is vile. Do I make myself clear, or do you need further explanations??? And when you claim, as above, that according to natural law we are not equal – YOU ARE SAYING EXACTLY WHAT THE KKK ARE SAYING!!! Do you understand this???!!!

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