Stupid Ass Lies From Polygamous Husbands

The warped, sadomasochistic sexism of islam

The warped, sadomasochistic sexism of islam

If you search muslim websites you will find lots of Q&A:s where men ask how best to get their wives to accept polygamy, how to make them forgive that the dear hub has kept a secret wife for five years and has three kids with her et.c. They are often fed lies about the immense advantages of polygyny, and good lines to feed their wives. These lines are supposedly great to make wives accept being forced into, and held prisoners in, polygyny.

An example of such a question:

I was married to one wife and had three children with her. Then I married a second wife who was a divorcee. However, my first wife has been, and remains, opposed to this marriage and is insisting that I divorce my second wife, even though I now have a child from her. What should I do?

The question is disgusting enough. But the answers are really sickening…. What kind of things do you think these muslim scholars recommend to placate the first wife???

Indeed, you need to appreciate your first wife’s feelings. She is naturally going to suffer from jealousy against the woman who has come into a marital relationship with her husband.

Stupid fucker! If this bastard had cared the least about his first wife’s feelings he wouldn’t have caused her this unimaginable pain in the first place!!!

Take care never to reduce anything of what you give to your first wife because of your second wife.

WTF??!! He has already taken half the rest of her married life away!! Half the time, half the sex, half the father of her children – ALL her trust and happiness – WHAT’S LEFT TO TAKE????

Speak lovingly to her. Let her know that she is still your first love.

This is beyond disgusting. “I have married somebody else, I have children by her, I will take half the rest of your life away, fuck somebody else every other night for the rest of your life, but hey – you look really cute in that dress”  There should be a death penalty for handing out this shitty advice…

Let her feel that you are more comfortable when you are with her. Tell her this. Such words will soothe her feelings.

You have already betrayed and lied to her in the worst way possible. Keep doing it! Good boy!! Lie to both of them, tell them “You are the one I love most” Yeah, that’ll sure keep them happy! (A small piece of advice here to ladies who get this crap from their husbands: Record the shit when your husbands feed it to you, play it to your co and compare! Than bobbitt the MF!! )

You never need to mention your second wife at all in your first wife’s presence. Try not to talk about her even with your children. Be sensitive to your wife’s feelings and do not provoke her jealousy.
You should show the same sensitivity to your second wife’s feelings when you are with her.

I am fucking somebody else every other night. I am having children with somebody else. I am leaving you alone to cry through every other night alone while I am fucking somebody else. Somebody I chose to fuck instead of you. But you will be alright, because I won’t mention it. And I won’t talk to our kids about how fucking her is worth giving up half my life with them. But you must understand, she’s a great fuck!! Won’t mention it again though.

You need to do what you must to reconcile your two wives. At the very least, you should make it so each of your wives can comfortably live her own life, focusing on her own household and children. You better treat them both justly. Generally, these problems are worse at the beginning of the marriage. After a few years, things usually calm down.

“After a few years, things usually calm down.” Where is a mental asylum to keep this mental monster????

We would remind your first wife of the Prophet’s words: “A woman should not ask for her sister to be divorced so she can have him to herself.” [Sahîh Muslim]

And a man should not either. So suck it up when your wife tells you she has a second husband and is having his baby. Love for your brother what you love for yourself!! Enjoy being tested by allah! Get your patience going brother!! Don’t do to others what you would not have them do to you!!!!

Don’t do to others what you would not have them do to you!!!! – Why can’t that simply be the answer these SOB:s get ??!! In any righteous world, it would be!!!!

7 thoughts on “Stupid Ass Lies From Polygamous Husbands

  1. “Don’t do to others what you would not have them do to you” is actually in the Koran as well, lol. This did make me laugh though, and you’re right.

  2. Yeah – I know!!! 🙂 That’s why I thought it would be a befitting piece of advice, even on an islamic website!

  3. Beautiful Life:
    I’ve checked out your blog from time to time. I’ve read a little, I think, about the religious cult you refer to, and but am not sure, am not really familiar with it. This statement on your blog, “I was part of a religious group that believed itself to have a monopoly on god’s will, and therefore, somewhat of a monopoly on the passage to heaven. ” expresses very well how and why people get involved in cults. If your history is as you say it is on your blog, congratulations for taking a step. I can understand that you would want to reach out to other people.

    I prefer to put my response here. I hope neither you nor Fiona’s objects.

    I agree with the words of a former FLDS husband “polygamy is the biggest hoax ever foisted on women.” But the hoax wouldn’t work if women didn’t comply with it. Women have been seduced by the idea that functioning as a placid believing co-wife will assure them a place in the afterlife. (Put up with misery now, because it will lead to peace and consciousness later.) Actually, tolerating one’s own misery, leads to overlooking, tolerating, and finally inflicting misery on others. That is not a prescription for rewards in the afterlife.

  4. Salam,
    I love it. Finally I have come across a site that expresses my frustration with these double standards practice by the soo called scholars .I love Islam, but there is no way in hell am sharing my husband , until he shares me.You are very funny, am excited to get someone who is not afraid to say what she feels, you go girl.I was wondering how is it fair that a man’s lust is more imporatn than woman’s lust. I do not see the logic in her getting less sex, affication, and time but he gets twice or fourth time more, please I want Balil Philips to explain this to me, since he feels that a man can marry just for lust, and a woman just needs food, shelter, and maybe sex once in while if he is obedient .I am even blaming these stupid, and unfair men, am blaming the women that actually deal with this. I love the illusion or deny that muslim have that their wive’s have eyes just for them,really you do not want to know what goes in our head when we see a hotty,it will put you to shame. Cant wait to hear more about the excuse used my men.

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