Should I Draw Lots?

ThreeringsI saw the lights go on late yesterday evening. I texted my husband goodnight and got a sleep tight in return. All good. This morning, he was gone again.

Wow do I recognize this! The need to prove you have a life too, the need to show independence, to distance yourself so as not to die from the pain of knowing your spouse is with another. I respect that. I won’t ask him where he goes.

Problem is, I just received a blitz-invite (pun intended.. 🙂 ) to go to Berlin for a job. I’ll have to leave the day after tomorrow. So, whom do I bring?

I’m thinking, I should bring my first husband. I think he needs the time to reconnect, to have me for himself for a week. Maybe, I should ask him first? But what if that just makes things worse, if he is trying to adjust to this new situation?

I have until he comes home tonight to think about it.

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