Dear Nancy

Letter_box_overlooking_the_bay_at_Minehead,_Somerset_(3592741114)Dear Nancy, You’reaHoe, F**kY*u and

all the rest of you who have shown what kind of people you are by sending me hate mail.

First of all, I do understand that the anonymity, the distance of the internet, allows people to do and say things they ordinarily would not. So I am trying not to let the mail you’ve sent define my perception of you. I hope you are all decent people IRL.

I’d like to clarify that this is not, nor does it pretend to be, a polygyny support group. This is a blog where I share my story of life in polygamy, and I invite you to partake in the sharing. I am against polygyny. I am for polygamy. Equal polygamy. I will vehemently oppose anybody who comes here to claim that polygyny is good while polyandry or equal polygamy is bad. I will also oppose all other forms of discrimination.

Some of you claim that I sleep around, that I am a hoe or worse. I have only ever in my life been intimate with two people, my first and second husband. If this constitutes prostitution in your book, or sleeping around, then so be it. How you seriously can make such a claim while defending a man’s right to have a wife, and then behind her back go through some voodoo ceremony to be able to fuck 3 more women without even telling them of each other’s existence is an enigma, and quite honestly sickening.

No, I do not have sex with animals. Nor do I intend to, no matter what you might suggest. I do however admire the scope of your imagination.

I know that some women agree to live polygyny, to have their husbands marry more wives, or to become co-wives. I know that some women even encourage their husbands to marry again, sometimes even to marry their own cousins or the first wife’s friends. This doesn’t make it less sad and nauseating, really it makes it worse.  Just like it is more horrifying to know that the people who led women and children into the gas chambers in Auschwitz were jews themselves, people who hoped by doing this to be allowed to live one more day.

I also know that people have killed their own wives, their own husbands, because they believed they would then be collected by UFO:s. It truly is wondrous what madness religion can cause.

No, I have not been struck by lightning. I’m alive and well thank you.

I want to clarify also that I believe that respect can only exist if it is mutual.

I hope this has answered your questions. If I never hear from you again, that is just fine. I understand I will receive hate mail, given the topic of this blog, I am however surprised to find that 95% of it is pervertedly sexual. It does say something about the islamic pro-polygyny lot, doesn’t it?

Have a nice day,


3 thoughts on “Dear Nancy

  1. I just started reading all of these and I literally almost choked laughing when I read the first line. Gosh. I love this blog and your story so much. I just keep reading without stopping. Ahh. It just reminds me of the first time my ex asked me to partake in a polygyny relationship and I shut him down telling him it wouldn’t be polygyny, it would be polygamous. He shut up about it for several months. Wah. I love this site!

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