As a White Liberal I Strongly Support Marriage Equality

800px-Be_stupid_@_AmsterdamI stumbled across this absolutely hilarious blog  where a man had written a post called “As a Black Muslim I Strongly Support Marriage Equality”.

Would it surprise you to learn that this muslim man equals “Marriage Equality” with islamic polygyny?

Oh dear, the infantility of it..

This man goes on to sum up the most common stupid lies and excuses from muslims in defense of polygyny. That there are more women than men (Excuse me, but just how stupid and ignorant can people get?? How come this blatant lie is repeated over and over again by muslims, is there some kind of mathematical and statistical handicap related to being pro-polygyny muslim???) that men tend to be cheating dogs  (Hey, let me propose a really unexpected solution to that problem – control yourselves and don’t do it!), that women don’t tend to be promiscuous (hahahahahahahahahahha) and that men can be just to more than one woman (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha). And to have the audacity, the stupid ignorant and sickening arrogance, to call this being a Black Muslim in Support of Marriage Equality. Doesn’t he realize that by doing this he shames, not only muslims and men, but blacks? What does being black have to do with any of this anyway?

I suppose I really shouldn’t lend a voice to this pathetic excuse for a man here, but he made me lose my appetite for morning tea, so there you are.

If you want to read the garbage yourself, you can find it here:

If you want to read about the common, ignorant and malevolent lies that this hypocrite Black Man is falling back on, you can find the lies, and the true facts, here:


6 thoughts on “As a White Liberal I Strongly Support Marriage Equality

  1. Fiona,
    (I hope this isn’t a double post. I’m having difficulty with comment placement on WordPress.) We all know why men invented polygamy. If only Hakeem’s rationalizations were just funny.

    TOV: I read a sentence or two from your last comments to me, and skimmed over the rest. It is obvious that you have no idea what Fiona’s blog is about. Your responses are also much longer than is necessary to communicate what you are trying to say. Being excessively prolix is another sign of ignorance.

    I’d suggest to you, as I did to Zach, that you find a venue where people have a common purpose, and listen to that end. And TOV, in your case, I’d start the listening part.

  2. To Dale:

    Its too bad you didn’t actually read the rest of my post as you would realized that it accurately predicted what you just said in response which was a polite variation of “( )-word go home.”

    I have been reading more and more from the blog and I am learning plenty about it. I hope that you are learning as much about me as I am about you all. I’m sorry that you think I’m ignorant, is this because I disagree with some of the posts or simply because I messages were long? In either case I was appalled to see the length of my posts in comparison to others. So insult aside I actually agree with your suggestion of shortening my posts so that people like yourself can read them in their entirety.

  3. In an effort to reduce the length of my posts without compromising their integrity I will summarize any background information and provide references, books, thesis, articles for those who wish to either verify what I have said or read on further.

  4. Your Question
    I’m glad that you asked the question “what does polygyny have to due with “Blacks” anyway.” Hakeem was specifically referring to African Americans

    A response to your question
    Since the beginning of the census in 1800 African Americans have had the largest gender disparity of any other group in America. This had primarily to do with the male mortality which resulted from the transatlantic slave trade. African American’s in the U.S. have yet to close this gender gap, which has been exacerbated by many of the effects of institutionalized American racism which include including, high unemployment, above average poverty, higher proportion prison rates, high rates of substance abuse, lack of access to medical care, and lack of access to equal education to name a few. (Alexander, 2012)

    Many “blacks” have responded to this by alternative marriage arrangement including polygyny. Polygyny is a common marriage option practiced within several African American communities such as Auser Auset, Black Hebrew Israelites, African American Sunni Muslim and even non-religious people. Feminist / scholar Dr. Patricia Dixon-Spear wrote an interesting book on this topic called Want for our sisters what we want for ourselves: African American women who practice polygamy by consent.

    What he was saying that Polygyny has been a reality of African American marital life since they set upon the shores of America and it continues to be one today.

    Sources: The New Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in the era of colorblindness Michelle Alexander

    We want for our sisters what we want for ourselves: African American women who practice polygamy by consent. Patricia Dixon-Spear

    Dr. Patricia Dixon interview on African American Polygamy

  5. Your post here is racist and deceptive. Your argument is based on the assumption that black women would only marry black men. That you instinctively draw this conclusion is blatantly racist and disgusting.

  6. Hakeem Muhammad is a very confused young man who sadly belongs to those who have studied much and understood little. Polygamy int he modern world fulfills none of the requirements of early islam and is no longer either permissible or sunnah. To advocate polygamy using later days philosophy the way Mr Muhammad does is typical of the culturally impoverished. Like a hungry child getting nauseatingly full at the dessert table without first filling the stomach with nurturing food at the buffet. We must try and forgive him. He is young and comes from a cultural background of undereducated and oppressed people. He has studied much but not learnt to be humble. The reasons he gives for polygyny in modern society are ludicrous and his observations on male and female psyche are based on the behavior of people in the so called Hood, and Dr Phil level understanding of 20’th century psychology. His entire blog is an embarrassment to the muslim community.

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