A Useful Islamic Rule

398px-CandleWe had a lovely evening. The kitchen is the only room that’s ready, but since we are keeping other furniture in there while the refurbishing firm is finishing the rest of the rooms, we didn’t want to cook.

So we dined on Chinese take away in bed, in the kitchen. 🙂 Cosy!

I didn’t sleep well though because I was worrying about my first husband. I know this is all very hard for him, and I know adjusting is difficult. If he had been able to allow his #2 to live in the annex, I would have been livid! And hurting.

So I got up early to go see that he’s ok. Turns out he isn’t home. But the bed has been slept in.

I suppose I have no rights to keep tabs on his whereabouts, but I was worried, I don’t know where he is.

Well, I just have to wait and see.

The rule in islam that says wives aren’t allowed to leave their house without getting permission from their husband – I understand now why they have that rule, especially since they allow forced polygyny. Maybe I should try and introduce that rule to my husband, but the other way around? 😉

It’s amazing the way islam is perfected to guard the rights of men against the rights of women!

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