The Mind of a Muslim Polygynous Man

NiqabpureI love my wife.

She is the perfect wife. So she must want to obey me and make me happy.

I told her I was going to marry a second wife.

My wife fainted. I woke her up and told her it is my right.

My wife cried and would never stop. I told her she is not allowed to resent something Allah has made permissable.

She said she was breaking up inside, the she was afraid and in immense pain. I said that this was Shaytaan making her weak.

She couldn’t eat. Week after week she cried and couldn’t eat. I thought losing weight made her look more beautiful, so it must be a sign from Allah that he is pleased with me.

She didn’t sleep. I said this was Allah helping her to concentrate on her prayers.

She had cramps, lost her hair and never stopped crying, begging for mercy, for the sake of our little children. I said she was being punished for being rebellious, and that she was making me angry so the angels would curse her.

She asked me for divorce. I said no. Polygamy is my right it is halal. She has no right to divorce. I had an imam come tell her so. He told her she would go to hell if she asked for a divorce because I am doing something which is halal to me, to men.

I left to spend my seven days honeymoon with my beautiful virgin bride that I bought. I fucked her over and over and over. The thought of my wife crying and hurting, totally powerless, made it more exciting than I could imagine.

When I came home to my first wife, she had killed herself.

So she is going to hell.

4 thoughts on “The Mind of a Muslim Polygynous Man

  1. This short post is one of the most powerful texts on polygyny I have ever read.

  2. Hello Fiona,

    I am one of the women from Polygamy 411. I have been reading your blog, but I haven’t commented, and I can’t tell you my name because I don’t want Ana to ban me from her blog. I am so sorry for the pain and hurt that you have been inflicted. I am so sorry you are still hurting. I know you blame Islam, and reading this post makes my heart ache, both because I can feel your pain and because to an extent you are right. I may not post here very often because I am afraid I could be identified by people from 411. But I am reading and my heart goes out to you, and now and again I will try to show up here if I feel I can be of any help. Love, A Friend

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