Sadism and Masochism in Polygamy

The warped, sadomasochistic sexism of islam

The warped, sadomasochistic sexism of islam

A woman had a horrible accident happen to her little baby boy. He ended up in hospital, covered in second degree burns. As a mother I can imagine the pain and the worry.

The husband comes to visit in hospital too, and every time he brings the woman he is intending to take as second wife. With the awful accident happening, the future co’s father postponed the nikah until the baby boy is out of hospital. Note: The husband didn’t care enough about his sick boy or the tormented wife to postpone the wedding to a second wife, the future father in law was the one who had to step in and show some fragments of human decency.. Bringing the wife-to-be is obviously a way for the husband to show his power over the first wife, a way to sadistically force her into submission in a situation when she is hurting and falling apart. This is sexual sadism, male superiority sadism, perverted evil.

How does the first wife react?

So the date (for the nikah)is set for Sunday.
I have until then to prepare myself I really wanna be able to rise to the occasion so please pray for me as well as for my boy to keep healing and getting stronger In’shaa Allāh.

While we were in hospital my co was there every day. Someone asked who she was in front of her and hub – and before he had chance to say the words for fear they would stab my heart, I said “she’s my cowife to be.”
I think hub saw a sign of acceptance and was a bit pleased. But I felt sick the whole day.
I suppose healing is always painful – in’sha all these tests will be purifying for me.

The way islam teaches women to deal with the abuse of forced polygyny and the eternal oppression, beatings, religious and mental torture that are recommended in islam, that islam has given divine rights to men to use against their wives, is by taking pleasure in subjecting to the rape, beatings and abuse. Islam is teaching women they must be masochists, and the final prize is that the most perfect masochist will be allowed to be her husband’s prisoner for eternity in the islamist “Beavis and Butthead” paradise where she will have to continue sharing her husband forever with both the cos and allahs own whores – the hoori. Isn’t that great? So this brainwashed, warped woman is trying to find pleasure in the pain and abuse her husband is inflicting, and muslims are cheering.

And on Sunday her husband is becoming a bigamist.

Isn’t it just lovely?

3 thoughts on “Sadism and Masochism in Polygamy

  1. I think it is very sad that women are taught from childhood that being martyrs for their husbands is the way to be religious and good. To give up your husband or half of him is bad, to give up your childrens’ right to half their father is so much worse. But islam teaches us that this is good. We know now that there are more men than women. A better way to help unmarried women than to have them be cowifes is to start internet marriage sites and let them find their own husbands. If you are right and men find pleasure in power and hurt it is very disgusting.

  2. Salam,
    I disagree that Islam teaches us this rather ,it is up to you to acceptet what men say or you do not.There is no force in Islam for a woman accepting polygamy ,that why there is divorce for women.Polygamy was meant to help women in the early days of Islam,but if a woman did not want it there is no sin on her,in fact she has the right to say”hell no”.Fatima bint Mahammad refused ,so why can all muslim women if they want.If muslim women asked for all their rights in Islam men,would not do a single thing oppressive,it is the muslim women’s fault for not learning and allowing her husband to abuse her.
    1)I have the right to pick my mate,and accept or reject anyone I want.This rules out forced marriages and child marriages,because without the consent of female the marriage is null
    2) I have the right education and employment ,this rules out financially and intellicult oppression
    3)I have the right to divorce if I find him ugel,abusive ,stupid,polygmous,sexually sucks,or a just can not stand him
    so you see I follow all these steps ,there will be no oppression,because I will avoid and take all the power away from him so he won’t have a chance to act dumb.


  3. Good evening Souamay,

    I know that consent is required, and if the girl is a virgin, consent is supposed to be given even if she just says nothing. So a blunt and open refusal is really what it takes. Is it realistic to believe that all marriages are actually consensual when it takes that a girl openly refuses to carry out her parent’s demand that she marries a certain man? often at the risk of starting a family feud, being locked up at home or given the choice of marriage to this man or spending the rest of your life nursing your elderly relatives and the children of your brothers? In many countries and cultures, a refusal to marry the man your father has chosen for you is simply not an option. The same goes for divorce. Attaining a divorce from a sharia court can be extremely difficult for a woman, even in the UK. Some women have been forced to wait for years to get a divorce, even from husbands who have been convicted of wife abuse. In other countries like Saudi or Afghanistan a woman can simply be refused a divorce on the grounds that wishing a divorce is rebellious and hence haram if the circumstances aren’t exceptional or the woman’s family is very powerful. In many societies too, a divorced woman is considered a social leper, and more often than not she looses all rights to her children. So leaving a polygamous marriage isn’t often an option, sadly. In Saudi e.g. a woman needs her husband’s permission to work, so he can make her his financial prisoner too. As long as men make the laws, and interpret religion, women will keep paying the price for men’s selfishness… 😦 I can understand if men want to keep it that way – but that women actually support them baffles me!!

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