Is the Husband doing the same Things in Bed with the Other Wives?

Of course sex is different with different spouses

Of course sex is different with different spouses

Question: Jealousy is one of the worst parts of polygamy I think. Picturing my husband with his other wives is so hurting, it drives me crazy. Other women tell me this is Shaytaan speaking, but I simply think it is my husband having sex with other women speaking.. lol.. If I had sex with other men I have a feeling Shaytann would speak loudly to my husband! šŸ˜€ I read on another blog that you shouldn’t let your imagination run away with you, that the simple truth is that what your husband is doing to you when you make love is probably what he is doing to his other wives too. Is that true?


Answer: Thanks for a good question – gutsy! šŸ™‚

No – it is not true. Different people do different things. Firstly, when you are just married, sex is tantalizing, exciting and an adventure. It’s about discovery. So you do new things in a new way. For example, Graham has erogenous zones around the neck and chest, so I do a lot of kissing, rubbing and licking there. My husband has his sensitive areas around the thighs. So my focus differs… Graham loves doggystyle. My husband loves having me on top. Et.c. My husband says it’s the same for him. His #2 e.g. refuses to give head, and refuses to have him go down on her. With me and my husband this is a treat for both of us. So no, it is not true. It is definitely a lie. If you think about it you understand it must be a lie.Ā 

Trying to overcome jealousy might be good, but don’t do it by deceiving yourself.

Instead – why not let satan do some talking to your husband? šŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Is the Husband doing the same Things in Bed with the Other Wives?

  1. Have you thought that muslim women might read this? Don’t you think women who are trying to cope and be strong in faith regarding their husband’s polygyny and his rights and the rights of the other wife, will be very sad to read this? There is a reason why a man should not talk about his other wife to his first wife! You should not talk about these things. No woman should have to picture her husband with the other wives.

  2. Dear Emi Sim,

    What planet are you from? Do you really think there’s a woman out there, with a husband who has taken a second wife, who HASN’T pictured the two of them together??? In that case, you’r either mad or daft. This is part of polygyny everlasting hell. Islam tries to hide it by not allowing women to talk about it, and by turning female jealousy into a sin thereby forcing women to shut up about their feelings, and by teaching false science that says women don’t think about sex the way men do. This of course is a lie. You can read more about his here:

  3. “No woman should have to picture her husband with the other wives.”

    That reads like a joke. What about no woman should have to accept her husband being with other women without her active and free consent? What’s wrong about the “picturing” that is not already wrong about the action?

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