Should I divorce my Polygamous Husband?

Wedding_rings_photo_by_Litho_PrintersQuestion: My husband is a very religious man. I always knew he considered polygamy a duty so I wasn’t surprised when he told me he would marry again. I was sad but I was prepared. We had been married four years when he married second when we had been married six years he married third. I never asked him not to marry second, but I did ask him not to marry third. We have three children, and he also has three children with second, she has twins and a girl. So I asked him not to marry third, not because of me but because of the children. He is already not there for them. He works long hours and only comes home when the little ones are asleep. The older children are asking for their father, and are comparing with other children who have fathers who play with them and help them with their homework. My husband never does any of that. He tells me and cos to write on a tablet every naughty thing the children do, and when he comes home ever six days he reads the tablets and punishes them. That is the whole scope of his fatherhood. When I asked him not to marry third but be a more present father he said it was my jealousy and say tan speaking and that I must remember that women are of low religion and intellect and must obey him without questioning. We live in the UK, but my husband is of Pakistani origin. I have talked to a divorce attorney. She said that I can have a divorce, and that my husband’s polygamy could mean that I will have the house for me and the children, and that he will have to pay, and also could be denied access to the children. This would mean that I can start fresh and marry somebody who would be both a husband an a father. There is a brother I have in mind, who has said he will marry me if I divorce and who already knows the children. Should I divorce? Or would I be punished for being selfish? And is it ok to use UK laws, that are contrary to sharia, to get what I need?

Answer: No, it wouldn’t be selfish. You must look after yourself and your children, your husband obviously isn’t looking after you. The children have a right to a present loving father. If you can give them one, then please do. You have a right to a husband who loves you completely, and who considers you an equal in every respect. Your husband has by his actions lost all rights over you, and all rights over your children. Make sure they are out of his reach, as soon as possible. Divorce his ass, get sole custody, and marry this other man. Now.

Sometimes you hear people, women, who claim that half a man, or a third of a man, is better than no man at all. This of course is a horrible lie, meant to keep women prisoners in abusive relationships like forced polygyny. If you get rid of half a husband, a poor bastard excuse for a husband, you have every chance of replacing him with a complete and loving husband. There are more men than women in the world, especially ages 15-65, so you are more than likely to find yourself a good man pronto, who will also be a good and present father to your children! Islam and muslims are full of abominable lies about this, please have a look at the posts “Lies about Polygamy” to find facts!

A complete, loving, present and equal husband – because you’re worth it!

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