For Man was Created Weak

After mating, the redundant male is eaten by the female

After mating, the redundant male is eaten by the female

Finally silence.

Since I came home, words have been filling my space, words of anger, remorse, love, sadness, hope…

We have been trying to reach each other, to let our feelings form a brittle web to bind us together again when expressed using careful, deliberate and fragile sentences.

I am filled with new strength. I know now which lighthouse to aim for in the dark, which way to avoid the shallow grounds, and am better prepared to deal with the hidden ones. My husband on the other hand is suffering the horrible calm after a storm, with no breeze to lighten the damp tranquility, no wind to help set sail and find direction. He is in a state of penitence, holding wretched stalks of disappointment. He is grateful now for my strength, holding on to it for his life. His puerile dream has died, a horrid drawn out death, and now he is left trying to cope with the fact that none of the visions he had, none of the promises of new love, new fulfillment,, new erotic adventures with him at the helm will be his reality.

We think each one will heave to and unload
All good into our lives, all we are owed
For waiting so devoutly and so long.
But we are wrong:

Only one ship is seeking us, a black-
Sailed unfamiliar, towing at her back
A huge and birdless silence. In her wake
No waters breed or break.

It is indeed wondrous how much pain and suffering men are willing to cause in order to chase pubertal visions. An Nisa is a text full of horrid prejudice, falsehoods and evil intent, but one thing is absolutely true: Man was created weak.

Women are created strong, and we get stronger while the men break.

One thought on “For Man was Created Weak

  1. I agree, men are weak much weaker than women.
    Men are to weak to pray behind a woman, a woman has self control and can pray behind a man. A woman can se the bare chest of a man and control herself, a man can not see the hair of a woman without losing control. Men are rash and often a bit childish. Sometimes I wonder why leadership was given to them when rules clearly show that Allah swt knows that women have more control.. lol. My husband married me out of love, his first wife was an arranged marriage. She has never forgiven our marriage even though my husband has tried to treat us fair. Of course she knows he fell in love with me but never was in love with her. Now he loves us both, but I like to think he loves me better. He can never stand up to her, he lets her walk all over him to try and make amends for marrying me. He is weak that way. He tries to please us both because he messed up. Now I am much stronger than him and he is stressing out. Polygamy makes a woman strong but for men it is most often stress and fitnah.

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