On them is the Curse, and for them is the Unhappy Home – Polygamous Fathers

445px-Gottfried_Sieben_-_Balkangreuel_-_06A muslim man may become polygamous. This is a fact that must be considered before any woman marries a muslim. He may become polygamous.

This will not only be devastating to the wife – it will be a disaster for the children.

Remember this.

A muslim man may consider it his god given right to go off and spend up to 75 % of his time fucking other women. He may consider it the law of the sexes that you as his wife should be left alone 75 % of the time, fending for your children alone, staying up nights alone caring for them when they are sick, being in fact a 75 % single mother carrying all the work and worries of being a parent alone while he is off fucking and impregnating other women, making more babies he won’t be around to be a father to. ( It’s not unusual for muslim men to marry second, third and fourth wives who are even younger than their own children from the first marriage. This is considered islamic and proper. ) He will also tell you that by doing this he is doing good to the muslim community, to his wives and to you and that any objections or negative feelings you might have about it is because you are low in deen and listening to satan.

The same goes for the children. They must of course unconditionally obey and submit to their father, and his sexual needs must come first – their psychological, emotional and physical needs must yield. Kids’ birthday? Dad is away fucking wife #2. Kids in hospital? Dad is away fucking #3. Kids’ football game? Dad is away fucking #2 again. Parents’ day at kids’ school? Dad is off fucking #4 during the day because when evening falls he must be off to fuck #2. Again. And again. Never ending story.

You see, daddy’s allowed. And that makes it all good.

How should wives and children deal with this? Well this is what islamist extremist Ana says (remember that this is the same woman who claims that muslim men have a divine right to rape and impregnate five year old girls if they just have had their menses)

As for younger children in their formative years, they, the same as their mothers, will have to learn a new way of life when the dad/husband becomes polygamous. No, it is not easy for the mother. Perhaps it won’t be easy for the child either. Islam would have to become the focal point. It is no longer about the life the child had. The life the child had before their dad married another no longer exists. To try to hold that life while it no longer exists is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

I’d imagine the parent has to sit the child down and explain to the child like it is a 2-year-old: Your daddy now has another wife. He loves her, as he loves you and mommy too. She and we are now a family (I know this part probably isn’t factual for some). We have to share daddy with her (hopefully the children know about sharing from having shared toys and food etc.) Daddy still loves you very much. He will spend time with us and with her. Allah loves when we share. We want Allah to love us, don’t we? I think it would sound something like it. (Source: Polygamy411)

Not only stupid, self righteous and nauseating – it is downright evil. The only mitigating fact is that Ana has no children of her own and hence is unable to understand the emotions of a child, the facts about being a mother. Ana reads the quran like the devil reads the bible and picks and choses as it fits her. So, she’s on the pill to prevent having babies with her criminal, bigamist husband (who by the way has what Ana calls a “family oriented job” which is why the white trash second wife must be kept a secret as of course Ana’s husband would lose his job if anybody found out about his criminal family life)

So, Ana states that a muslim father’s right to fuck whomever he pleases whenever he pleases is divine, and children must bow to this fact, and mothers must throw their children to the fire. This is what Ana’s god wants.

One woman tells a story of how her children cannot forgive their father for becoming polygamous, abandoning them, betraying them. One of the sons has stated that as soon as he leaves home, he will give up all contacts with the polygamous father. Another woman, J, steps in to tell us about muslim men’s rights over their children:

Just a quick note on your last post you wrote that your son wants no relationship at all with his father after he goes off to a university you or your husband should remind him that Allah says in the Qur’aan
“And those who break the covenant of Allah, after its ratification, and sever that which Allah has commanded to be joined (i.e. they sever the bond of kinship and are not good to their relatives) and work mischief in the land, on them is the curse, and for them is the unhappy home (i.e. Hell)” [Ar-Rad 13:25. See also Muhammad, 47:22-23].

and in hadeeth

Anas narrated that the Prophet pbuh said: “He who desires ample provisions and for his life be prolonged should maintain good ties with his blood relations.” [Al-Bukhaari & Muslim]

and there are a few more but am pressed for time, you should remind him it is haram to break ties. It is understandable for him to be hurt etc, but your husband should remind him of this, and remind him he is trying his best to be a just father and he should throw in that your Co is not able to have children and that he and your family get much blessing for helping a sister complete half of her deen and not be left alone to the wolfs. (Source: Polygamy411)

So, according to this woman, a muslim husband has a right to abandon his children 75 % of the time, fuck other women, bring home venereal diseases and destroy the lives of his children and his wife, and the women are obligated to defend this, and excuse this, to the children and threaten them with hell if they don’t accept it. This is so sickening, so warped, I can’t find the words to describe how low these people are willing to fall. How nauseating is it to claim that it is the child in this situation who is “not good to his relatives”, “severing the bonds of kinship” and making an unhappy home????? THE FATHERS ARE THE ABUSERS HERE; NOT THE CHILDREN!!!!

Ana and her pack willingly make themselves aiders and abetters in this horrendous crime against humanity, against our children. And the children all over the world are paying the price.

So, who is left alone to the wolves?

4 thoughts on “On them is the Curse, and for them is the Unhappy Home – Polygamous Fathers

  1. I love my children very much. Marrying a second wife does not diminish my love, neither for my first wife or my children. Polygamy is halal, it is my right, and I am providing for two women and our children. Men can compartmentalize, we can love more than one woman and we can provide for two families equally. I don’t expect you as a woman to understand that. Women can only understand loving one person, and are filled with jealousy. Mens love is bigger than that. Respect that please.

  2. Zach I am a Muslim man.

    Men can love several wives [I call it loving another person just for oneself] but they can never be IN love with several women. [this is what I call sacrificial, or selfless love].

    Look at the Seerah of our Prophet [PBUH]. He indeed loved his wives [May Allah be pleased with them] in his polygamous marriages but he was IN love when he was married to his first and favourite wife Khadijah [May Allah be pleased with her]. It was a sign of this love that he took no other wife while married to her even though most men around him were polygamous

    Real true love is only possible when you act like a MAN with your wife by YOURSELF making sacrifices for her. rue men put their wife;s needs before their own wants. Their happiness is their priority before their own pleasure. Truly loving husbands would never sit whilst the wife stands, they would never eat while the wife stands cooking, they would never let her do the housework on her own and etc AND truly loving husbands would never enjoy themselves in bed while the wife’s heart is in tremendous pain.

    Its part of real manhood to make your wife feel comfortable with every single detail of life that you provide her with. You would truly feel like a MAN when you see that your wife smiles before you breath.

    I would only ever feel content if I knew that my wife was absolutely content with me in her heart of hearts. You have to make yourself out to be the kind of husband that a woman has nothing but admiration, gratitude and ever lasting esteem for in her heart.

    You deprived yourself of a real shot at love when you put your wife through so much just to enjoy yourself.

  3. Ana’s most bizarre and offensive statement on that post was:

    ”If the child refuses to see dad because dad is with the other wife at the time, as well, it is the child’s loss. No one has forced the child to go or not to go.”

    Its quite sad, I know of children who have grown up mentally depressed because of their father’s other marriages. Unfortunately some children have even grown up to leave Islam, others have often gone on drugs and many male children say they would never make their wife go through what their mother went through.

    Just yesterday talked to an old friend who told me that his mother was extrememly depressed after his father married a younger second wife. He said she did the Islamic thing, by ‘bearing’ it all but it left her in shatters at the end and she was never the same again. Her daughters refused to ever marry.

    Of course there are some happy children too, but thats because polygamy in their family was consensual, not forced.

  4. Hello Daagh! As usual, many wise comments! Yes, I was absolutely sickened by that statement of Ana’s. She claims that nobody is responsible for their actions since everything is predestined by allah. So the husbands/fathers are not responsible for the pain they are causing their wives and children. And since polygyny, forced polygyny, is decreed, the way Ana sees it, the children must happily consent, or else end up in hell. This view is disgusting. The fathers have chosen to be fathers – they can never surrender that responsibility. Their first concern of course should be to care for their children, to provide them with the security and love of a present father. The betrayal of choosing to take half their life with dad away to be able to feed their own greed for sex and a feeling of macho-importance is unforgivable to any sane person. The little speech Ana suggests a mother should give the child is absolutely sickening – it’s abusive. “Daddy still loves you very much” (although he has proven he only loves himself) we must share in order for god to love us…. Sometimes I wish I believed in a god so I could picture people like Ana in the hell they’re probably bound for if there is a hell..

    And the hypocrisy stinks. “Allah loves when we share” Ha! That is not how she responded to my polygamous marriage to two husbands!! 😀

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