If you studied history, any anthropologist would tell you that the occurrence of polyandry was extremely rare whereas polygny was widespread. All of this suggests that women can be fulfilled that by one man. Additionally, even if you can prove that women are just as prone as men to be promiscuous by genetics- you cannot extrapolate ethical principles from desires or inclination.

All this suggests is that men by brute force and religious invention have been able to imprison and sexually dominate women. When religious oppression is lifted and law prevents men from using violence against women, women choose to have as many sexual partners as men.

There are inclinations or desires that may have genetic basis that are not beneficial to society.

Yes. That is why western cultures forbid e.g. forced polygyny, child marriages and rape within marriage. Islam e.g. does none of those things.

Polyandry is not beneficial at all to a human society. Paternity issues, is one of those. Additionally, you did not answer that reliance on paternity tests privilege first would technology that the majority of the world has no access to.

Additionally, you stated they are “almost foolproof”. Every man deserves to who is children are with 100% accuracy with no room for error.

There are more fertile men in the world than women. Hence polyandry is more beneficial. Two men can provide better for one woman than vice versa. Hence polyandry is more beneficial. One woman can satisfy any chosen amount of men sexually every day. No man can do that. Hence polyandry is more beneficial. Unmarried men have a tendency to violence and anti-social behaviour. Women do not. Marriage is thus of greater importance to men than to women. Hence polyandry is more beneficial. Over population is a huge problem today. This would be solved if we were to only allow polyandry. If we did, the population would remain stable in numbers. Hence polyandry is more beneficial. Et.c.  And listen carefully now: If women were allowed to marry more than one man more  men than today would know correctly what children are really theirs!! 😉


Moreover, not knowing the father in relationships which is what unlimited polyandry allows can lead to incestous relationships among offspring.

This is why Islam sets limits. I do realize you said that you do not believe everyone should take multiple spouses.

Please read my last statement!

But one way to gauge, how effective, moral, or practical something is–is by examining if an entire society did something would their be a negative or positive result.


In the case of polyandry and polygny both being legalized and everyone partaking in it- and of course not wanting to discriminate against gays or bisexuals- men would also be allowed to marry multiple men and women and women would also be allowed to marry multiple women and men.

If everyone did this in a society, there would be chaos, stds spread, and by extension the entire society would basically be married together by extension.

To support this claim, without being discriminating, you would have to stick with monogamy!

In the case of regulated polygny, with men only being allowed to marry up to 4 women dependent on socioeconomic responsibility- nd treating each wife justly– if every man did that it would benefit society by getting rid of the illegitimate child probem, the mistreatment of mistresses and a whole host of social problems.

Ok, I repeat: There are more fertile men in the world than women. Hence polyandry is more beneficial. Two men can provide better for one woman than vice versa. Hence polyandry is more beneficial. One woman can satisfy any chosen amount of men sexually every day. No man can do that. Hence polyandry is more beneficial. Unmarried men have a tendency to violence and anti-social behaviour. Women do not. Marriage is thus of greater importance to men than to women. Hence polyandry is more beneficial. Over population is a huge problem today. This would be solved if we were to only allow polyandry. If we did, the population would remain stable in numbers. Hence polyandry is more beneficial. Et.c.  And listen carefully now: If women were allowed to marry more than one man more  men than today would know correctly what children are really theirs!! 😉

Moreover, there are physical differences between men and women.

Women are able to give birth to children and men cannot.. Is this apartheid?

This is another argument why more than one man should support every woman.



God created women with the ability to breastfed. Men do not have such an ability. Is this apartheid?

Men can breastfeed too, did you know? There’s also nestlé. And again – this is also an argument why more than one man should support every woman.

God has endowed men with more testosterone than women. Is this apartheid?

Has this anything to do with polygyny? It escapes me… But, it’s true that men are more violent, and thus should be held under tighter restrictions than women.


According to your logic, God should have just created one sex. But there isn’t one sex and what would be the benefit in that?. Instead, God created us in pairs my dear sister to complement one another and give each other tranquility.

He created white people and black people too. Why is that do you think?? Don’t you realize this argument is disgusting?

Polyandry, has no benefit on a society but regulated polygny does. Although, I stated legally I support polyandry and polygny but I recognize the secular nature of the government

I have already proven that polyandry is more beneficial to society.

Also, should because men can multiple wives why do you take that to also mean women should be able to marry multiple men? Who said men are the role models for women?

I have written a post to answer this question. You can find it here:



All forms of discrimination are horrid!

All forms of discrimination are horrid!

Why do Women want to be like Men?

Note: This text was written in answer to the heinous question Why do women want to be like men. Heinous? Yes. When asked meaning: Why do women want equal human rights? Why do women want equality? This text was written to demonstrate how this question has been asked before in history to deny groups of people basic human rights and equality. If you do not understand irony and if you do not understand parables, you should refrain from reading this text.

Why do black people want to be like white people?

White people have built civilisation. White people have developed democracy and democratic laws.

Black people invented slavery.

White people have built piece, and a modern economy. White poeple carry the burden of state, of education and of industrialization.

Black men are strong. They are best fitted to work the field, to use their bodies.

Why do blacks want to be like whites?

A democracy demands of people that they are educated. Why would black people want to take that burden on themselves? Why do black people want the vote? History clearly shows democracy is not in the nature of black people.

Why do black people want the right to pray in the same churches as white people? Be treated in the same hospitals, educated in the same schools?

They have their own churches where they can sing their own songs, without having to adjust to white culture. They have their own hospitals, their own schools where they can be educated according to what befits the nature of the black person.

Why do blacks want to be like whites?

Blacks are better at many sports, they are good at music they have a wit and language of their own. See – I am stressing their qualities!! I am not being discriminating! I am not saying that they are inferior. I am just saying that they are different.

Why do blacks want to be like white people?

I hope, Mister ”Black Man in Strong Support of Marriage Equality” that this answers your question ”Why do women want to be like men?”.

Stupid Ass Lies From Polygamous Husbands

The warped, sadomasochistic sexism of islam

The warped, sadomasochistic sexism of islam

If you search muslim websites you will find lots of Q&A:s where men ask how best to get their wives to accept polygamy, how to make them forgive that the dear hub has kept a secret wife for five years and has three kids with her et.c. They are often fed lies about the immense advantages of polygyny, and good lines to feed their wives. These lines are supposedly great to make wives accept being forced into, and held prisoners in, polygyny.

An example of such a question:

I was married to one wife and had three children with her. Then I married a second wife who was a divorcee. However, my first wife has been, and remains, opposed to this marriage and is insisting that I divorce my second wife, even though I now have a child from her. What should I do?

The question is disgusting enough. But the answers are really sickening…. What kind of things do you think these muslim scholars recommend to placate the first wife???

Indeed, you need to appreciate your first wife’s feelings. She is naturally going to suffer from jealousy against the woman who has come into a marital relationship with her husband.

Stupid fucker! If this bastard had cared the least about his first wife’s feelings he wouldn’t have caused her this unimaginable pain in the first place!!!

Take care never to reduce anything of what you give to your first wife because of your second wife.

WTF??!! He has already taken half the rest of her married life away!! Half the time, half the sex, half the father of her children – ALL her trust and happiness – WHAT’S LEFT TO TAKE????

Speak lovingly to her. Let her know that she is still your first love.

This is beyond disgusting. “I have married somebody else, I have children by her, I will take half the rest of your life away, fuck somebody else every other night for the rest of your life, but hey – you look really cute in that dress”  There should be a death penalty for handing out this shitty advice…

Let her feel that you are more comfortable when you are with her. Tell her this. Such words will soothe her feelings.

You have already betrayed and lied to her in the worst way possible. Keep doing it! Good boy!! Lie to both of them, tell them “You are the one I love most” Yeah, that’ll sure keep them happy! (A small piece of advice here to ladies who get this crap from their husbands: Record the shit when your husbands feed it to you, play it to your co and compare! Than bobbitt the MF!! )

You never need to mention your second wife at all in your first wife’s presence. Try not to talk about her even with your children. Be sensitive to your wife’s feelings and do not provoke her jealousy.
You should show the same sensitivity to your second wife’s feelings when you are with her.

I am fucking somebody else every other night. I am having children with somebody else. I am leaving you alone to cry through every other night alone while I am fucking somebody else. Somebody I chose to fuck instead of you. But you will be alright, because I won’t mention it. And I won’t talk to our kids about how fucking her is worth giving up half my life with them. But you must understand, she’s a great fuck!! Won’t mention it again though.

You need to do what you must to reconcile your two wives. At the very least, you should make it so each of your wives can comfortably live her own life, focusing on her own household and children. You better treat them both justly. Generally, these problems are worse at the beginning of the marriage. After a few years, things usually calm down.

“After a few years, things usually calm down.” Where is a mental asylum to keep this mental monster????

We would remind your first wife of the Prophet’s words: “A woman should not ask for her sister to be divorced so she can have him to herself.” [Sahîh Muslim]

And a man should not either. So suck it up when your wife tells you she has a second husband and is having his baby. Love for your brother what you love for yourself!! Enjoy being tested by allah! Get your patience going brother!! Don’t do to others what you would not have them do to you!!!!

Don’t do to others what you would not have them do to you!!!! – Why can’t that simply be the answer these SOB:s get ??!! In any righteous world, it would be!!!!

Should I Draw Lots?

ThreeringsI saw the lights go on late yesterday evening. I texted my husband goodnight and got a sleep tight in return. All good. This morning, he was gone again.

Wow do I recognize this! The need to prove you have a life too, the need to show independence, to distance yourself so as not to die from the pain of knowing your spouse is with another. I respect that. I won’t ask him where he goes.

Problem is, I just received a blitz-invite (pun intended.. 🙂 ) to go to Berlin for a job. I’ll have to leave the day after tomorrow. So, whom do I bring?

I’m thinking, I should bring my first husband. I think he needs the time to reconnect, to have me for himself for a week. Maybe, I should ask him first? But what if that just makes things worse, if he is trying to adjust to this new situation?

I have until he comes home tonight to think about it.

Dear Nancy

Letter_box_overlooking_the_bay_at_Minehead,_Somerset_(3592741114)Dear Nancy, You’reaHoe, F**kY*u and

all the rest of you who have shown what kind of people you are by sending me hate mail.

First of all, I do understand that the anonymity, the distance of the internet, allows people to do and say things they ordinarily would not. So I am trying not to let the mail you’ve sent define my perception of you. I hope you are all decent people IRL.

I’d like to clarify that this is not, nor does it pretend to be, a polygyny support group. This is a blog where I share my story of life in polygamy, and I invite you to partake in the sharing. I am against polygyny. I am for polygamy. Equal polygamy. I will vehemently oppose anybody who comes here to claim that polygyny is good while polyandry or equal polygamy is bad. I will also oppose all other forms of discrimination.

Some of you claim that I sleep around, that I am a hoe or worse. I have only ever in my life been intimate with two people, my first and second husband. If this constitutes prostitution in your book, or sleeping around, then so be it. How you seriously can make such a claim while defending a man’s right to have a wife, and then behind her back go through some voodoo ceremony to be able to fuck 3 more women without even telling them of each other’s existence is an enigma, and quite honestly sickening.

No, I do not have sex with animals. Nor do I intend to, no matter what you might suggest. I do however admire the scope of your imagination.

I know that some women agree to live polygyny, to have their husbands marry more wives, or to become co-wives. I know that some women even encourage their husbands to marry again, sometimes even to marry their own cousins or the first wife’s friends. This doesn’t make it less sad and nauseating, really it makes it worse.  Just like it is more horrifying to know that the people who led women and children into the gas chambers in Auschwitz were jews themselves, people who hoped by doing this to be allowed to live one more day.

I also know that people have killed their own wives, their own husbands, because they believed they would then be collected by UFO:s. It truly is wondrous what madness religion can cause.

No, I have not been struck by lightning. I’m alive and well thank you.

I want to clarify also that I believe that respect can only exist if it is mutual.

I hope this has answered your questions. If I never hear from you again, that is just fine. I understand I will receive hate mail, given the topic of this blog, I am however surprised to find that 95% of it is pervertedly sexual. It does say something about the islamic pro-polygyny lot, doesn’t it?

Have a nice day,



800px-Be_stupid_@_AmsterdamI stumbled across this absolutely hilarious blog  where a man had written a post called “As a Black Muslim I Strongly Support Marriage Equality”.

Would it surprise you to learn that this muslim man equals “Marriage Equality” with islamic polygyny?

Oh dear, the infantility of it..

This man goes on to sum up the most common stupid lies and excuses from muslims in defense of polygyny. That there are more women than men (Excuse me, but just how stupid and ignorant can people get?? How come this blatant lie is repeated over and over again by muslims, is there some kind of mathematical and statistical handicap related to being pro-polygyny muslim???) that men tend to be cheating dogs  (Hey, let me propose a really unexpected solution to that problem – control yourselves and don’t do it!), that women don’t tend to be promiscuous (hahahahahahahahahahha) and that men can be just to more than one woman (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha). And to have the audacity, the stupid ignorant and sickening arrogance, to call this being a Black Muslim in Support of Marriage Equality. Doesn’t he realize that by doing this he shames, not only muslims and men, but blacks? What does being black have to do with any of this anyway?

I suppose I really shouldn’t lend a voice to this pathetic excuse for a man here, but he made me lose my appetite for morning tea, so there you are.

If you want to read the garbage yourself, you can find it here:

If you want to read about the common, ignorant and malevolent lies that this hypocrite Black Man is falling back on, you can find the lies, and the true facts, here:


A Useful Islamic Rule

398px-CandleWe had a lovely evening. The kitchen is the only room that’s ready, but since we are keeping other furniture in there while the refurbishing firm is finishing the rest of the rooms, we didn’t want to cook.

So we dined on Chinese take away in bed, in the kitchen. 🙂 Cosy!

I didn’t sleep well though because I was worrying about my first husband. I know this is all very hard for him, and I know adjusting is difficult. If he had been able to allow his #2 to live in the annex, I would have been livid! And hurting.

So I got up early to go see that he’s ok. Turns out he isn’t home. But the bed has been slept in.

I suppose I have no rights to keep tabs on his whereabouts, but I was worried, I don’t know where he is.

Well, I just have to wait and see.

The rule in islam that says wives aren’t allowed to leave their house without getting permission from their husband – I understand now why they have that rule, especially since they allow forced polygyny. Maybe I should try and introduce that rule to my husband, but the other way around? 😉

It’s amazing the way islam is perfected to guard the rights of men against the rights of women!

Polygamy – New Beginnings

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Source:Wikimedia Commons

My son is home from Oxford.

Since his father became polygamous, my son has only been home on weekends when my husband has been with #2. They haven’t met once since his father brought home the news.  To my son, his father is dead.

Last summer, my son went interrailing during summer break, and stayed away almost all summer. When he came home he stayed in the Chilterns, in Graham’s flat and with friends.  Now, we’re in a spot of trouble. Since my husband’s #2 is in Oman, he has sold the semi in St Albans. Now, my husband is at home all the time, so my son can’t/won’t come here any more. And since Graham is about to move into the annex, there won’t be anywhere for my son to live whilst in London, and it will be more difficult for him to meet Graham.

So, I’m going to see an estate agent about finding  a small flat. Maybe a three bedroom flat. That way my daughter could live there (she’s at LSE) instead of sharing a flat with friends as she has been doing now, and my son could stay there whenever he’s in London and there would also be a room there for me or for Graham if either of us ever feels the need to get away for a night.

We have almost finished moving Graham into the annex. My husband has been helping, serving lunch and carrying furniture. Who would have thought… They still eye each other like a couple of mastiffs though. I wonder if there’s anything I can do about that?

Tonight, I’ll be spending the night with Graham in the annex for the first time. Exciting! Our new home. A new beginning. But I do admit, it will feel a bit weird knowing my first husband is just a few feet away in our bedroom…