Voluntary Segregation?

397px-White-onlyHow would you feel about an event where there were offered separate sections for coloureds and white people? Voluntary? And a special section for mixed couples? In the UK today.

Or maybe a university event with separate seating for jews and non-jews? Voluntary of course. With a few rows available for mixed groups or couples?



7 thoughts on “Voluntary Segregation?

  1. Well I know for a fact that my mother and sisters would not be comfortable sitting with unrelated men. Nor would I like to sit next to a hot young girl as a married man. Of course there may not be a bad intention in the heart…but one thing leads to the other…And wifey may not like it.
    I don’t agree with the comparison you make between the segregation of genders and segregation of races.
    I mean most places in the world have separate washrooms for men and women right? People in conservative nations are more comfortable mixing with their own gender. Many women in Pakistan prefer to travel on women and children only buses that do not have men in them. It makes them feel secure.

  2. Well, I know people who would be more comfortable not having to mix with coloured people. Sadly! I believe that the way to solve this is not by segregation, but by working hard to overcome all prejudice. Why can’t you sit beside a hot young girl? If you just think to yourself – gee, she’s hot, probably she won’t mind. And a liberal wife wouldn’t mind either. If you do more than that, if you can’t control yourself around hot women – well go see a therapist. One thing should never lead to another unless we want that. Simple as that. And I don’t really understand about the washrooms. Excuse me, but to me, watching a man relieve himself at a urinal is nothing like sitting next to him at a lecture… Men must simply learn to respect women, and always treat women with respect, no matter what the women wear or where the women are. If men could only learn that, women could be and would be perfectly comfortable sitting next to them!!

  3. I can’t tell you how happy finding your comment made me! I badly needed it. The last day has been excruciating. I will be back to tell you all about it as soon as I find my strength.

  4. Hello Juana, and welcome!
    Thank you for the link.
    First of all I find it hilarious that the best islamic argument for gender apartheid would be “We didn’t invent it”… Just goes to show… ๐Ÿ™‚ My children tried the same argument when wanting the right to drink alcohol, or to go to all night parties. Didn’t buy it then either…
    The second argument is that gender apartheid is ok because South Africa isn’t muslim. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ This argument is so foolish and uneducated, I really don’t know what to say…
    You know, concerning racial segregation exactly the same nonsense rhetoric was used. Of course gender apartheid is discriminating and ugly in every way. I will try to write more lengthy about it later.

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