Muslim Polygamy in America

20081123120727-violencia-de-generoHere’s a very interesting study concerning muslim polygamy in America.

Polygamy and Wife Abuse – Muslim Polygamy in America

It illustrates clearly some of the massive abuse caused by islamic polygamy in general, and forced polygamy especially. The descriptions of co-wives as witnesses and perpetrators are very interesting indeed.

And again, proof is provided that when polygamy is combined with the husband being given divine right to beat and punish his wife/wives, we end up with hell on earth.

I remember they had an old-fashioned heater. Behind the heater he would have a stick waiting. And the minute he came home, both of the wives would look at each other and they would go into their rooms

And he would hit my sister and hit her up to the point where she would just like,you could hear like the bird, you would just hear like a tiny noise coming out of her mouth. And when he would leave the house I would come out and lift her head to see if she is okay or not.
 How can anybody believe this is what god wants?
But this is not because of islam you might claim. There are wife abusers in every religion!
But islam is the only religion today that allows and propagates polygamy as well as beating your wife.

66 thoughts on “Muslim Polygamy in America

  1. Your logics are wrong. If, when you marry, the priest/judge or whatever were to say that the husband has a god given right at any time to have sex with his wife whether she agrees or not, than the problem would be marriage. This was the problem with christian marriage up until the early 20th century. This is the problem with muslim marriage (and some other cults) today, since they still claim their scriptures to be infallible rules from god, and since their laws are based on these rules that allow a married man to beat, rape and imprison his wives.

  2. You are right, sarcasm doesn’t go over well. “If you are muslim I understand if this is alien to you” is not a statement claiming you are muslim. Could you please specify which part of this statement you find difficult to understand? In most cultures truth, honesty and sacred vows are understood and respected. You had problems understanding these concepts. I explained that I can understand your difficulties if you are muslim, since islam allows the breaking of oaths and lies under certain circumstances. If you are not muslim, your being alien to these phenomena are a bit more difficult to understand.

  3. Again, I can’t see anybody attacking you personally. If you feel attacked, I do apologize. I am truly impressed with the time and effort you put into my little blog. A discussion is always interesting. Thank you.

    (Well, yes, maybe this is just another islam bashing blog. Maybe I’ll suddenly start rambling about jihad and terrorism and what not. We’ll just have to wait and see 🙂 )

    As to my aversion to islam – as you said there are many words in the quran. If muslims were to stick to the ones about beauty and harmony I’d be fine with it. It’s the crimes against humanity, discrimination and abuse that is condoned in islam I can not accept. I actually have some muslim friends. Moderate muslims who believe the quran is as fallible as the bible, that Muhammad obviously has gotten some things wrong, and that “Do unto thy neighbour…” is the most important rule to live by. Fine. This I can respect.

  4. As to your first question, yes. Unless she has been landed in polygyny against her will, because in that case her husband has automatically taken the vow I describe in “Requirements…”.

    As for your objections to my further clarifications I can only say that they make me a bit angry since you are clearly an intelligent person. I will however try to answer one more time.

    If a woman is landed in polygyny against her will, this is forced polygyny.
    If a woman is kept in polygyny, due to black-mail (you will lose your children if you leave, you will lose every way of getting an income if you leave, you will go to hell if you leave, you will be considered a leper by society and your own family if you leave) or because the law makes her a prisoner to her husband (only the husband has the right to instigate divorce, khula can only be granted on legal grounds and polygyny is not legal grounds since it is halal), this is forced polygyny. If a woman hasn’t got the absolute right to turn the polygynous situation into a polygamous situation, it is forced polygyny.

    “Polygynous societies…” is a quote. It is sarcasm.

  5. Correction on Leviticus 20:20
    I actually meant Deuteronomy 22:20-21 which legislates killing women who are not found to be virgins on their wedding night.

    But if this charge is true (that she wasn’t a virgin on her wedding night), and evidence of the girls virginity is not found, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her fathers house and there her townsman shall stone her to death, because she committed a crime against Israel by her unchasteness in her father’s house. Thus shall you purge the evil from your midst. (Deuteronomy 22:20-21 NAB)

    In response you have (truthfully) pointed out the difference between having laws which have their values with biblical basis as opposed to using the bible as a book of law.

    Just for the record I don’t actually believe that American lawyers are required to graduate from a bible seminary in order to qualify to sit as a judge on a federal court. In return I hope that you weren’t setting up the argument that the Quran is used “as a book of Law” in Muslim majorities countries.

    As for your statement “And none of the laws discriminate between men and women! No one law.
    This is a very bold statement. From adultery laws, voting, property rights, to abortion, and equal pay the entire history of modern western law is littered with instances of discrimination against women. The University of Edinburg has a chapter of one of many organizations designed to combat U.K. laws which it deems discriminatory to women. The name of it is GlobalJusticeAcademy. There are similar organizations in the U.S. for this purposes such as NOW (National Organization for Women).

    The following countries I mentioned have forced monogamy. However Polygynous marriages are recognized in the Netherlands, U.K and Australia. Valid polygnous marriages entered into overseas are recognized in Australian Courts. The same goes for the Netherlands. Netherlands has the samenlevingscontract which is polygamy in all but name. In the U.K. Catherine Fairbairn of the U.K. Home affairs section outlined U.K. law concerning Polygamous marriages in A House of Commons report published on July 19th 2012
    “For a Polygamous marriage to be considered valid in the U.K. the parties must be domiciled in a country where polygamous marriage is permitted and must have conducted the marriage in a country that permit polygamy.” The standard report is SN/HA/5051.

    The Netherlands has made strides and I predict that they (the first country to permit same sex marriage) will be the first to recognize polygamous marriages among their citizens.

    By the way what is a duckey? 🙂

  6. Hello again,

    Oh, you simply got your chapters and verses mixed up. Ok. Well, you see, the bible also says we must stone you if you pick up sticks during the sabbath. Or if you curse your mother. But you see, you won’t find this in any law in any western country. You will however find laws in muslim countries allowing forced polygyny, and unequal sharing of inheritance e.g, rape within marriage et.c..

    Duckey? I thought, you being knowledgable in both American and English, you would get the sarcasm, dear. 🙂

  7. Most people understand that the measure of the civilization of a modern society cannot be relegated to a few quotes of a 2nd century scripture revealed in the deserts of Palestine. Why then should people believe that the measure of a civilization of a modern society can thus be relegated a few quotes from a 7th century scripture revealed in the deserts of Arabia?

    I don’t agree with marital rape any more than I agree with date rape. I also don’t believe because of the mere existence of some prophetic tradition or revelation that Muslim men are more predisposed to marital rape than the non Muslim European. I also don’t agree with racism, white supremacy, and ethnocentrism which is precisely why I have a problem with your central presupposition that European non-Muslim nations have enlightenment qua their “Europeaness” and Muslim nations are dark (no pun intended) qua their “Muslimness”

  8. Wow Fiona, I was reserving the utmost of politeness when debating with you. I even went to the trouble of shortening my posts for the benefit of the reader. I followed Dales suggestion of “listening” or reading other posts so that I can find out more about what your blog is about. After reading several entries I am shocked at the amount of discriminatory comments, sexist generalizations, and blatant racism, littered throughout your posts. I think that this racism reflected in your posts is far more evil than any of the negative ideas that you have claimed Islam to be.
    As an American I already have know about racism first hand, now I see that U.K. also has a legacy of racism that unfortunately is still reflected in its citizenry. Nevertheless I will treat you with fairness to be utmost of my ability, but I must express that I am disgusted.

  9. Poygamy is not forced in Islam! The man has to ask the woman and he cannot ask her more than twice in a lifetime! Polygamy is in the Bible! And you cannot say that Islam/Muslims is the only religion that condones wife beating! So what!?!? It’s better than beating her face or head in and/or killing her or crippling her like many people do in today’s world! There are steps to beating your wife in Islam! First if she keeps disobeying you then deny her sex. Second if she keeps disobeying then sleep not in the same bed. Third if she keeps consisting then beat her LIGHTLY NOT BRUISING HER , below the waist ONLY!

  10. Hello, and welcome. No, the man does not have to ask his wife’s permission, he doesn’t even have to inform her about becoming polygamous.
    Your “So what” question really answers itself… And thank you for clarifying that islam encourages wife beating. We are well aware.

  11. What was written during the 2nd century is important, if it is considered law today. Simple. No western country allows marital rape. Many muslim countries do.Based on scripture from the 6 hundreds. Simple.

  12. ToV,

    I am afraid “the utmost of politeness” of your kind is a bit lost on me since expressions like “sister” only seem condescending and Uriah Heepish in my ears. I am however glad that you are doing your best to keep your posts stringent, since brevity and clarity in combination is appealing.

    I did however dispose of a bunch of posts from you, and put them in the trash, since they were all one liners, false and deceitful. Some of them were downright evil. I publish the above post, and it summarizes your allegations. You are saying I have posted racist texts. You stated in a post that anti islamist posts are racist. I beg to differ. I am against any ideology or religion that claims that some groups of people have rights over other groups based on race, gender or ethnicity e.g. How can you call that racist? I am opposed to neo-nazism. Does that make me racist? I am against organized crime. Does that make me racist? I am against satanism. Does that make me racist? Your allegation is simply ludicrous, and a typical way to try and belittle somebody you can’t defeat with proper arguments. And since when are muslims a race?? Your argument is racist – not mine! Your posts have hitherto been racist, condescending, deceitful and male chauvinist, but I will none the less try to remain civil. I would however prefer if we could keep all discussions on a level of intellectual honesty. Thank you.

  13. There is no way you can marry a second wife without hurting the first wife if she has any feelings for you. So polygamy is hurtful and unjust in itself which is why Allah forbade it unless very special circumstances as war. In the Western countries where women are educated and free it would always be extremely painful for her to have a husband who marries a second wife. So islam forbids us to marry a second when it is hurtful for the first (always) and especially in America and countries where it is against the law. Muslims are forbidden to break the law of following the law is not haram.

  14. Akeem: “Third if she keeps consisting then beat her LIGHTLY NOT BRUISING HER , below the waist ONLY!”

    And when she feels her relationship wiht Allah is more important than you, and she is immune and non responsive to your blows, then what are going to do next?

    A brute like you can only go in one direction. I hope you get prosecuted.

  15. Islam does not condone abuse of any sort. Contrary to popular belief, it teaches the exact opposite. People, we must stop spreading ignorance because it satisfies or confirms your “beliefs”. We must learn to be more critical in our thinking so that we can progress as a whole. And yes, it is ignorant to make derogatory statements about a topic based off of opinion, propaganda and insufficient research. It’s 2014, let’s get it together.

  16. wow, people just arguing their beliefs and what they feel justice is.
    Zach has a valid belief system but it seems it is being attacked.
    I think logic is missing here and people are just getting emotional, beating a woman constantly is a sign this woman is not gonna change! If a man chooses a “bad” spouse and he constantly has t beat her to get her to listen then he is actually wasting his time because the beating are not working.
    Husbands are commanded to treat their wives kindly and justly, but if he fears that she will be or is rebellious (ludeness, foul behaviour etc….)he uses signs of disapproval,he adminishes her, but if it continues, he doesn’t speak to her and still yet she’s acting out he sleeps in the guest room and yet the crazy chick can’t get over it…….and then suddenly one day he just smacks her to snap her out of it, it is a signal of shock it should wake her up and either rectify her to her normal temperament or make her mad wit rage, in the case of the latter a shocker will never work and its time to let her go!! Beatings are futile and rasoolALLAH SAW warned a person against marrying a particular man due to his habits of beating women…. fyi.- hadith.

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