His other Marriage – a Parallel Universe

Bahamas_-_No_Entry.svgHad a call from my daughter today. She called because she had just talked to her father and she said she could hardly recognize him. She said he had acted almost bipolar – joking, then clamming up all of a sudden, laughing, being on the verge of tears, reminiscing about her childhood, and then erupting with anxiety over her exams.. And she said he looked haggard and had lost weight. She had tried to call her grandparents, but nobody had answered.

I told her not to worry, that I’d make sure he’s ok. I managed to get hold of my father in law, they were visiting some friends. He said that yes, my husband is having what my father in law called a “mild meltdown”, but he said I shouldn’t worry, they’re watching him closely and taking care of him.

I called my daughter and she was relieved. I’m still worried though.

Still, I believe he has to cope with this on his own. This is about his other woman, about his other “marriage”. It has nothing to do with me. He told me so many times, in the beginning, before I became polygamous too, that I had to learn to realize that his other “marriage” didn’t concern me, didn’t involve me, and I should think of it as belonging to a parallel universe, something beyond my reach and reality.

So be it.

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