Alienated Young Men

David Lammy writes in the Guardian, concerning the heinous murder of Lee Rigby:

We need to turn our attention to the generation of alienated and brutalised young men who remain vulnerable to the poisonous ideology of violent extremism.

I can’t help but wonder; How come only young men are alienated and brutalized? How come it’s the young men who become extremist killers, not the young women? Could it possibly be that all brutalizing, alienating, violent extremist ideologies are patriarchal? Islamism, nazism, the Mob – they are all ideologies that consider men to be superior to, and guardians of, women.

Where women are influential, in communities where equality is a shared value, the basis for these extremist groups is radically diminished.

Maybe the best way to turn our attention to these brutalized men, is by working without failure or compromise to empower women?

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