A new Solution to our Situation in Polygamy

Heart-beatGraham and I bought a house in the Chilterns last year. It’s a wonderful old farmhouse and since Graham is a diy kind of man it’s already almost completely refurbished. I love that house!

Graham also has a nice flat in South London. He runs his own business, and can choose to work from home sometimes, so he can spend a lot of time in the Chilterns. But he needs a home in London too.

The flat is extremely expensive though.

When my parents died my brother and I inherited the house in Belgravia, and since my brother died the house is mine. There’s also an annex that used to be stables, then garage, and the chauffeur’s flat.

I’ve been thinking about asking Graham to move into the annex.

Then we could all live together and I could be able to see both my husbands every day, and alternate between them more easily. They wouldn’t have to give up half their time with me. And they could still live separately.

I have been waiting for an opportunity to bring it up with Graham…. Maybe tomorrow?

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