Lies about Polygamy – Part II


The lies about huge, basic differences in intellect, emotionality, rationality, fickleness and strength of character between men and women are intrinsic to islam. These lies are essential to a system that demands the total submission of one group to another.

In christian history we can find these lies about e.g. indians and coloured people. Indians were painted as vicious, barbaric and innately false and evil, hence it was a good and christian act to make sure they were vanquished and forced to submission and civilized by help of christian missionaries. In books from the 1930’s we will find scientists describe “n**roes” as being intellectually on the level of five year olds, amoral, lazy and ingratiating by nature, but easy going and with well developed musicality. It was, they claimed, a responsibility of the white man to lead and protect the poor inferior “n**groe” by enslaving him. Nazis had science prove the inferiority of jews, calling them brilliant devils, amoral and vicious people who used their abnormal intellect to conspire against all other peoples.

The purpose of these lies is to unite one group in hatred and contempt of another, or a conviction that one group is superior to another, and to justify forcing a group into submission, depriving a group of rights that are afforded to others.

This is exactly what islam is doing against women. The lies are the same, the mechanisms are the same, the quasi use of “science” is the same – the results are the same.

Muslims defend themselves by saying that it cannot be oppression since women are kept in high regard in islam, and of course loved by their families. Well, the “high regard” is just a euphemism:

“In the Islamic nations there has never been anything else than equality of rights for women. Both sexes have their rights, their tasks, and these tasks were in the case of each equal in dignity and value, and therefore man and woman were on an equality.”
“The mission of women is to be beautiful and to bring children into the world. This is not at all as………unmodern as it sounds. The female bird pretties herself for her mate and hatches eggs for him. In exchange, the male takes care of gathering food, and stands guard and wards off the enemy.”

Recognize the rhetoric? This is how submission and oppression of women is presented.

Thing is: I played a little trick on you. Sorry. I changed the word “Germanic” to “Islamic”. These quotes are Hitler’s and Goebbels’. You see, the nazi view on women was exactly the same as islamic view on women. Islamic texts on the role and nature of women are absolutely and totally interchangable with nazi texts on the role and nature of women.

The purpose of course it to justify male domination over women, to excuse and justify oppression and abuse of women to grant men total political, social and sexual power.

In islam, these quasi scientific differences between the sexes are also used to explain why polygyny is beneficial while polyandry is not. Some of the most common lies are:

* Men need more sex than women.

Scientific truth: For 122 different characteristics, from empathy to sexuality to science inclination to extroversion, a statistical analysis of 13,301 individuals did not reveal any distinct differences between men and women. One difference though is that men have their sexual peak at around 18, while women peak at around 40. For sexual compatibility then, 18 year old men should marry 40 year old women – not the other way around.

* Men should be the heads and protectors of women since they are more intelligent than women.

Scientific truth: Women now hold higher IQ than men. In the last 100 years the IQ scores of both men and women have risen but women’s have risen faster
Women have a slightly higher potential intelligence than men and are only now realising it. This is a consequence of modernity. The complexity of the modern world is making our brains adapt and raising our IQ, and women benefit more from education since they have a slightly higher intelligence potential.

* Men are rational, women are emotional. Hence, men can see the rational advantages of polygyny, while female objections are emotional and inferior.

Scientific truth: Modern independent science agrees that there are no fundamental differences between the sexes as far as reason/ rationality and emotion goes. However, there are differences in culture and upbringing that will e.g. teach boys not to cry or girls to be passive and shy. Men are just as emotional as women, however cultural conditioning gives women better means of verbalizing their emotions, and it is also culturally acceptable for women to show and voice emotions. So, the appearance of women being more emotional is just an illusion based on cultural prejudice against emotionality, and male, culturally conditioned, emotional constipation.

* Male jealousy is rational and protective, female jealousy is irrational, selfish and emotional.

Scientific truth: Both male and female jealousy is innate and a matter of survival, and conditions of survival for the off spring. Females tend to be more protective of spouses who are wealthy and consistent while males tend to be more protective of spouses who are attractive. This is based on what kind of spouse is best to get offspring and make it survive. So both male and female jealousy is rational. Jealousy can however manifest itself in irrational behaviour. This is equally proven by males and females, the difference being that male jealousy is more likely to end up in violent behaviour since men are more aggressive than women, and less apt at verbalizing and dealing with their jealousy.

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6 thoughts on “Lies about Polygamy – Part II

  1. Asalaam Aleikum

    I needed to hear this. I thank Allah swt for letting me find this blog.

    You are wrong in many things about Islam but you are absolutely right about men and women, and about polygyny.

    I needed these words because I am not good at finding my own. I will use yours and I will talk to my husband. I have now decided I will not except polygyny. If he wants a second wife I will leave.

  2. It seems the people who dislike polygamy are also the ones who expect men to think of women as collector’s objects. The root of anti-polygamy is jealousy, and jealousy is not like gheera, jealousy is selfishness and both men and women feel it for different reasons.

    If Allah Himself said marry one, two three or four, then brothers are allowed to marry one, two three or four. If a man is afraid he can’t do justice then he should only marry one, but if he is positive he can do justice nobody has any right to condemn him or think less of him for taking two women into his household. In fact he should be praised for his generosity; he is satisfying the financial, emotional and physical needs of two of his sisters when most men are selfish enough to only take care of one woman.

  3. Hello, and welcome!

    I have two husbands and I can provide for both of them. I am wealthy enough to provide financially for at least ten husbands, but I am satisfied with the two men I have. I make sure I take care of their emotional and physical needs and I share my time equally between the two of them, and I spend equally on both of them. So thank you very much for your praise! I am very glad you consider it generous to provide for both my husbands, and I agree with you that nobody has the right to condemn this, since both my husbands chose, by their own free will, to live polygamy. I am not against polygamy. I am against hypocrisy and misogyny.

    Jealous selfishness is ugly, I agree but since more women than men are sharing their spouses in the world, it sure looks like selfish and ugly jealousy is more a male characteristic than a female one, don’t you agree? You write: “The root of anti-polygamy is jealousy”. I don’t agree with you totally on that, there are many other reasons to be anti polygamy. I do however agree that it is absolutely essential that men, who are polygamous or pro-polygamy- stop being misogynist and jealous and admit that their wives have 100% the same right to have many husbands, just as they claim the right to multiple wives! So you should rather say that “the root of anti-polyandry is jealousy”. That would be true!

    The solution of course is more women having several husbands. This is also what science proves is best for both individuals and society.

    (I must say though, regarding your statement, that I sincerely hope these men stay away from taking care of the physical needs of their sisters….)

  4. These were my hubby’s words to me when I talked to him: What about what I said was childish? I am a huge proponent of this practice because I am utterly convinced it has benefits for Muslim society. The verses indicate this. The actions of the Prophet and the Sahabah ridwaanullahi `alaihim indicates this. The scholars of this religion past and present indicate the permissibility of the practice, and it is age old. It is only in these modern times that some women, and Allah (swt) will judge them when they stand before Him, have risen to combat it at the expense of their sisters who could have also been married.

    How do I respond?

  5. Hello and welcome to Polygamy 411, Umm Kulthoom! I am sorry, but I don’t really follow what you mean. Did your husband tell you that you were childish because you objected to his becoming polygamous? Because if he did, I find that extremely insensitive, moronic and abusive. Objecting to having half your marriage taken away, half your children’s father, having to share finances and venereal diseases with some other woman who is fucking your husband, is rational.

    I don’t really know what to answer to the rest of your statement, since there are no arguments there, only unsubstantiated ramblings.

    If you would like to post again, using arguments, I would be glad to try and reply!

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