She’s Leaving Home – Bye Bye

_luggage._(2410330507)I have started packing.

It feels wonderful to have a glorious long vacation to look forward to.

Graham and I are going to relax, enjoy each other and live a life of luxury.. 🙂

I’m especially excited about swimming with dolphins, and doing some scuba diving. I love scuba-diving! First we’ll be staying in a 5 star all inclusive resort, and then we’re off on a cruise. Just thinking about it makes me happy!

My husband’s #2 is packing too..! She’s off to Oman and god knows if she’ll ever be able to come back. 😀 I suppose she feels differently about packing and leaving..

My husband is in agony. He’ll be spending these weeks with her in Oman but he knows that after that he has to leave her there, and that’s when reality begins. He will have to adjust to being the spouse who is left and deserted, the one who goes to bed alone while I’m in Graham’s arms. Do I feel vindictive? YES! I do love my husband, and I know it’s childish and petty, but yes, I feel vindictive. Finally, he will get a small taste of what it’s like to be the sacrificing, lonely, devoted, chaste spouse.

Wonder how this will turn out?

2 thoughts on “She’s Leaving Home – Bye Bye

  1. Well, according to the Muslim religion, he still has 2 empty slots. What would you do if he went out and found a #3 to fill the lonely time while you are gone?

  2. Hi Mary! Sorry for not answering you earlier. Everything’s been so chaotic, I lost track and forgot to post an answer. Forgive me. You are absolutely right, that is a possibility. I am aware, and a bit anxious I admit. But this time, he stands to lose everything. If he were to marry again his parents would disown him, I might divorce him, his daughter, having already lost his son, would denounce him, everything he has is really mine – the car, the house. He would have nothing. Would he go there? I really don’t think so. Actually, he’s in much the same position as most women are in muslim countries – he will just have to suck it up and suffer in silence, because otherwise his family, his livelihood, his everything would be gone. Just goes to show staying in forced polygamy isn’t something that is specific to women – it’s specific to people who for some reason have no choice.

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