Henry VIII and I

Workshop_of_Hans_Holbein_the_Younger_-_Portrait_of_Henry_VIII_-_Google_Art_ProjectMany years ago I decided to become a Blue Badge guide. Partly because I love the work, partly because it gave me an opportunity to work even though I had small children and didn’t want a full time job. I still do tours occasionally, when I get an especially attractive offer.

Today I’m booked to give a tour of Hampton Court. I think I have done it 500 times by now, but I never tire of it. The drama, the mystery, the overwhelming flamboyancy of the Tudor court – I can tell the story a thousand times and still find new perspectives, new storylines.. 🙂

When I came home to London this morning my husband had already left for work. Tonight we’re invited to some friends, so I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow with my questions about the meeting with his #2…

So, I’m off to Henry VIII, who at least had the decency to marry his six wives one at a time.. 😉

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