My Heart Goes out to All Women suffering Abuse



I suppose you have all been as chocked and disgusted as I have by the news about the kidnapper in Cleveland, thank god the young women are alive and safe.

I watched CNN and their description of how these women have been kept for more than ten years made me shiver. How can anybody be so evil?

But it also made me think. On CNN they said:

There were no apparent constraints Monday, the law enforcement source with firsthand knowledge of the investigation said. Yet Knight and DeJesus didn’t run out of the house with Berry although they could have, the source said, describing them as brainwashed and fearful.

Does that ring a bell?

It also said:

And in time, Knight and DeJesus “succumbed” to “their reality,” the law enforcement source said

This is exactly the psychology that keeps women in forced polygamy, as well as often being financially dependent on the abusive husband. And of course, islam and islamist culture says that succumbing to reality is a good thing and that it’s the only way a woman can stay out of hell. There are nations in the world where many women are kept in similar circumstances and this is considered halal. Where windows are painted black so nobody should be able to see the women inside the house. Where a man legally can, or even is expected to, confine his wives – often even younger when they were married off than these unfortunate girls were when they were kidnapped – to the house, punish them by denying them food if they refuse to have sex, beat them if they don’t obey every command.

And, listen now because this is important, the abuse, the hurt, the pain, the psychological trauma, is the same even if the husband is trying to do right in polygamy, trying to follow islamic rules, trying to love and be fair to his wives. Because there is no such thing as loving abuse, no such thing as just and fair debasement and exploitation.

I hope these three young women will find a way back to a good life. I hope there will come a time when no man in this world believes he has a right to keep women prisoners and abuse them. A time when the perpetrators are punished, not the victims.

Graham and I are going to Oxford today to watch my son and his team in the debate club, and afterwards we’re going out to dinner. I’m really looking forward to this!

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