Love is in the Air

Narcissus_pseudonarcissusKew1My husband took me to Kew Gardens. It was beautiful!

I have always loved Kew, when the children were small we used to go there every spring and have a picnic. I have spent many happy hours there!

We walked and talked and I felt how much I love my husband. Sometimes all the drama and the hurt makes me forget, but our love is there and it is strong.

We focused on talking about happy things, not once did we bring up our other marriages or what lies ahead, we just talked about us, about the here and now. I felt totally relaxed and happy for the first time for awhile with my husband.

After lunch he gave me a gift, a beautiful Art Deco locket fitted with a small picture of my parents and another of me with my brother when we were like 10 and 12. It was so lovely, and so thoughtful.

His #2 didn’t text or call yesterday, thank god.

Today, we’re working in the garden, and our daughter is coming over for dinner later.

Tomorrow I’ll be going back to Graham, and my husband will be going to his #2.

Polygamy is hard work.

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