Getting ready for our new life in Polygamy

Magnolia_campbellii_flowersThere are a lot of emotions in our marriages right now. Graham is anxious, worried about how I’m coping, how I’m deeling with the change in my first husband’s situation.

My first husband is in agony. He is dreading having to take his #2 to Oman and of course, leaving her there is extremely hurtful to him. I know he’s afraid he will loose her. He is worried, stressed, sad and angry – angry about the way things have turned out.

My husband’s #2 is extremely upset and afraid. She will have to leave her “husband” and go live with an elderly, sick old relative in Oman. She knows my husband’s parents have refused to accept her. She knows my husband only gets 4-5 weeks off every year, and he might not even be able to go to her these weeks since half of them are really “mine”, and also my husband will find it difficult to afford to travel since his parents withdrew the allowance when they heard he had become polygamous, and he will have to send part of his wages to #2, and give me an equal amount… She keeps texting and calling, and my husband spends a lot of time comforting her, calming her down… A couple of times I have agreed to let him go spend some hours extra with her when she’s been extremely upset late in the evenings, calling my husband almost in panic asking him to come over..

It’s all making my husband very edgy. A few days ago, I offered to give up some of my days, to let them have some days extra together here before they have to leave. My husband said no. I can tell that even though he is very attentive to #2, he has started to prepare mentally for the fact that she will leave, he has started to detach the way I did in order to let him go to her without it hurting too much. He still hasn’t said anything about life after she’s gone, but I can see he is turning towards me, trying to make our connection   stronger. He talks more, he is getting more involved in my work, he brings me gifts, he needs more sex – I’m not sure this is all conscious though… He’s been asking about our vacation too, and I know the thought of me and Graham in the Caribbean, while he is with #2 in Oman, gets to him…

Today he is taking me somewhere for a surprise. I really enjoy this new feeling of romance in our marriage. Here’s hoping #2 will have a good day, so I can have my husband to myself! 🙂

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