A pregnant 5-year old. Anas co-wife? Source: Wikimedia Commons

A pregnant 5-year old. Anas co-wife? Source: Wikimedia Commons

Like so many other victims of abuse, Ana has become an abuser. Ana was emotionally tortured and forced into polygamy by a criminal husband who wanted to be able to fuck a white-trash burger flipper by becoming a bigamist.

Ana uses her blog to propagate the rape and abuse of children, the rape, bondage and abuse of women, at the same time driving women towards mental illness and suicide by brainwashing them that they must submit to rape, beatings, forced polygamy and torture because this is the will of Allah. No man rapes a child or abuses and tortures his wife except by the will of Allah claims Ana.  For example, Ana writes: … “a Muslim woman with understanding of what Allah swt (Great and Glorious is He) says in the Holy Quran will accept that Allah decreed everything that has happened.” She continues:

Men will give reasons because they feel they must have reasons. Many of them don’t know the Truth that I stated above, so they come up with reasons or excuses. They may say it was because they wanted variety; something in the first wives was missing; there were problems in their marriages; they felt unloved; they weren’t getting enough sex; their wives were no longer appealing to them; they wanted  young wives; they needed a change in their lives and the list goes on and on and on. It’s all an illusion. The REAL reason.. is – Allah  decided it. THOSE WHO BLAME THEIR HUSBANDS for their (the wives) unhappiness and blame the husbands for.. ruining their (the wives) lives, those women will suffer and be in pain. Islam is about submission. We are to submit and surrender our will to Allah in Islam. It is what Islam is about. If Allah has willed (it) she does not oppose Allah about His decision. She accepts whatever Allah has decided for her. It is why we are to say, “All praise and thanksgiving is due to Allah under ALL conditions and circumstances.

So men are not to be held responsible for their actions, and whatever they do, women must submit. And of course, fucking 9 year olds and beating your wife is allowed in islam.

Ana goes on to explain why she advocates pedophiles rights to “marry” children:

Girls get their menses at a certain time in their lives and for a reason. It means they are capable of having a child at that time and if they get pregnant, they are expected to be married… It may not be to some people’s liking because they look at the situation not from an Islamic perspective, but from a worldly perspective that has nothing to do with Islam.

As you can see Ana doesn’t draw the line even at 9 years, according to her the fucking and impregnating of a 5 year old, like Lina Medina pictured above, is islamically correct if the girl has gotten her period. Being a muslim wife, bound to be her husband’s slave, can we conclude that Ana would help her husband perform statutory rape on such a girl, like the wife of Warren Jeffs did? She goes on to make herself clear:

You’ll find people who will say a girl is not mature enough to marry at such a young age. Well, Allah didn’t say she is too young. He has made her capable of having children at that young age. I think I got my menses when I was about 12 years old. It was so long ago, I can’t be certain, but I know I was quite young and younger than many of the other girls.

We as Muslims have to learn to look at life differently than others who are not Muslim. We have to learn to set aside what we’ve learned and see things as Allah swt wants us to see them. Allah swt says to slay ourselves. It doesn’t mean kill ourselves, but means we have to put behind us the ways of old and become new. Islam is a way of life. We have to put behind us the days of ignorance (jahilliyah). We should no longer think the way we thought when we were non-Muslim. If we think the way non-Muslims think, we have a problem.

So Ana justifies and advocates pedophilia and the raping of children, little baby girls being raped, fucked and made pregnant by old dirty pedophiles. She also states clearly, over and over again in different posts on her blog, that muslim men should not subject themselves to the law, since no man may forbid what Allah has allowed. So pedophilia being criminal is irrelevant according to Ana.

This is what these ideas Ana and her pack are selling look like when turned into reality. Sharia courts decided that this muslim preacher who raped and tortured his 5 year old daughter to death should be punished by paying a small fine. This is what islamist misogyny looks like today:

Whoever claims that women are subordinate to men, that women should be denied equal legal standing to men, who claims that girls, baby girls, should be exposed to sexual assault and rape, being prisoners to men under islamic rule, are guilty of the murder and rape of girls like Lamia.

From the perverted, diseased opinions Ana had vented, I just had to ask her:

So if your husband married, and had sex with, a 9 year old, who had just had her first menses, that would be all good with you? Islamically correct, right? Just asking. I mean no offense, but I do need to try and understand.

What if he had bought this girl from traffickers, who had gotten her from talibans who attested she was a slave, a wartime slave, gotten from their war with the infidels. He wouldn’t even have to marry this 9 year old then to have sex with her, right? Or have I misunderstood anything?

Ana answered:

People make it wrong because it goes against their desires. In Islam one isn’t supposed deal with opinions. One is supposed to deal with facts. What Allah swt tells us in the Holy Quran is fact.

According to Islam, a young girl who has her menses can consent to marriage and there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t expect you, who are not Muslim to understand or accept it

Later on Ana, together with the self professed wife-abuser and rapist Muhammad, try to rewrite history by claiming that Aishah was actually more like 15 when her husband fucked her the first time. Their pathetic efforts remind me of how David Irving tried to prove that the Holocaust was an invention, or an exaggeration. Their lies and excuses are sickening, and whatever sunnah webpage you visit will prove that islamic scholars today agree that Aishah was 9, those who try to hide this are just liars trying to veil the fact, probably because, naturally, fucking a child would today constitute statutory rape. The funny thing is nobody mentioned Aishah or her husband until Ana and her pack themselves did. I was talking about countries in the world today where there are no laws against child marriage, like Yemen, when the women of her anonymous blog started shouting about my trying to badmouth the “prophet”. None of them was obviously intelligent enough to understand that by comparing today’s pedophiles in places like Yemen with their “prophet” and Aishah – THEY were bringing up the comparison, THEY were saying their prophet was a pedophile. I on the other hand, haven’t been talking about them, or about anything that happened more than 1000 years ago – I COULDN’T CARE LESS – what matters to me are the pedophiles of today, and the religious fanatics and extremists like Ana who aid and abet them in these horrendous crimes.

So the hater Ana is an islamist version of Michelle Martin, aiding and abetting the rape and torture of children. Michelle and Ana both then turn their diseased hearts to religion to justify their helping men, dirty sick men, to rape, impregnate and torture children and women. And nauseatingly enough, the mentally and sexually warped extremist, islamist women (and men) at her blog assemble to cheer Ana on…

To be continued…

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48 thoughts on “Ana

  1. Please feel free to email me for my phone number. What u are posting in regards to polygamy and Islaam is NOT TRUE ISLAAM. Much of it is more cultural and what people have added to Islam using their own lowly desires. I would be more than happy to examine some hadith ad ayats of Qur’an. Ur blog is misleading as it pertains to Islaam.

  2. Hello, and welcome back!
    As you may be able to see, I am putting quite a lot of time and effort into writing this blog. I do it because I believe it’s very important to raise these issues publically, and to provide people with a forum where we can discuss the truth about polygamy and islamic polygamy. I am grateful for your offer to talk with me about these things, but I’d prefer to do it here on the blog, since this is the reason why I am giving this blog so much of my time! And my hope is that other people will find help and comfort in our discussions here. ☺
    I don’t say much about islam, as far as teachings go. I do however say a lot about the grounds for abuse and all kinds of evil that people can find in islam. Yes, as you say, a lot of abuse is cultural. But the culture is founded in islam. There are teachings in islam that make way for misogyny, violence, denial of human rights et.c., and as opposed to other religions muslims claim that their scripture, the quran, is infallable and unalterable and devine. This means that islam is fundamentalist and a source of unalterable fanaticism and evil in a way no other religion or ideology is. Nothing I have said here is false, I only tell the story of what islam looks like when practised. These are real life stories. Sadly.
    Do you believe that you are equal to your husband in every respect? That you have exactly the same rights, legally, sexually, socially? Do you have the same right as him to make decisions? To decide over your every day life? To make decisions concerning your family’s economy, every day life et.c? Do you have exactly the same rights as your husband sexually? Do you too have the right to become polygamous, to have two, three or four husbands, to make your husbands have sex with you whenever you demand, to arrange their lives to service you, to obey you? Do you have the same right to admonish your husbands as your husbands do? Does your husband ever, under any circimstances, have a right to lift his hand against you? To slap you? To hit you, with a tooth pick or whatever? Do you have the same right? Do you have the same right to office, to become president e.g.? Do you have the exact same right to divorce as your husband does? Or go out wearing the same clothes? Because if your answer to any of these questions is that your husband has a right that you don’t have, solely based on gender, that is proof that your ideas are misogynist, anti democratic and in violation of human rights. If your answer to any of these questions is that your husband has a right that you don’t have, solely based on gender, that adds proof that the picture of islam that is presented here is true.

  3. The culture in many countries is horrifying. But I agree it is much in the culture, not in islam. If people had education and understood islam it would not be like this.

  4. Assalamoalaykum,

    I am a Muslim male living in the West. I have visited the aforementioned blog you have discussed and I confess nothing but pure horror from what I experienced on that blog.

    Being a committed monogamist Muslim male myself, I found it particularly painful to read the stories of these poor, abused women. They are only making themselves suffer. Insha Allah I will treat my future princess as the only jewel of my heart and eyes. Since I idealise myself as a committed and loving husband, I don’t understand how any ‘loving’ man can act this way with his wife. When a true man is in genuine love with a woman he protects her and becomes a shield for her, he doesn’t become the self-hurting sword.

    Anyways back to Ana, she has no idea about real Islamic teachings. She fails to believe in one of Islam’s basic tenets, which is-freewill. Due to this miserable ex-communication of a basic Islamic principle she fails to hold her husband accountable [or any other selfish polygamous husband on that blog] for the grief and devastation she and her female followers have experienced. She believes everything in fate [A;-Qadr] has already beet determined by Allah SWT [ which is true, but we humans still have freewill. We have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong and choose the path which may seem suitable to us]. But she takes her beliefs in a particular set of Islamic fundamentals [that too at the cost of other Islamic principles] too extremely and as a result she frees the men from the blame of having hurt their wives and put all the responsibilty of blame of the hurt and pain in polygamy solely on the wives involved, since according to her they have diseased hearts who can’t accept divine decree.

    Ana also does not believe in the Hadith canon [which are auhentic traditions describing the occurrences, actions and sayings which involve the Holy Messenger]. As a result she fails to recognise our Prophet’s utmost efforts to keep his own daughter’s marriages. And as a side note, she also rejects a particular Islamic law which gives women the right in their Islamic marriage contract which makes it clear that there will be no polygyny in the relationship.

    Even besides normative Islamic law, she admits the possibility that her husband is not even married to his ‘other’. Most husbands from that blog have cheated prior to marrying their ‘other’. So they are already violating Islamic laws and the conditions of justice for polygamy. Once again due to her rejection of free will, she displays her utter contempt to take divorce in even such a context.

  5. oops I meant
    *As a result she fails to recognise our Prophet’s utmost efforts to keep his own daughter’s marriages monogamous,

  6. Hello Daagh, and welcome! I was so happy to read your post! I’m sure your future wife, being treated like a jewel, will feel like one and be one to you! If only more men could understand that love is a two way street, respect can only exist if it is mutual. No matter what religion you are…
    Yes, Ana’s blog is horrendous, and it saddens me so much that women who find the blog while looking for help, will only be brainwashed into considering the abuse a test from god. As you say, the recognition of free-will is essential to behaving humanely to our fellow man (and woman 🙂 ) and being held responsible for one’s actions must be a part of this world too – not only of the next! Really, the worst thing about my husband becoming polygamous wasn’t his belief that he had a right to do it, but that he believed that I had an obligation to accept it. Does that make sense? We, as people, must treat each other with the utmost respect, and this must apply to those who need us most of all. Thank you for posting, looking forward to hearing from you again!

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  9. E-gads, I’ve been to that blog many times in the course of doing research for a seminar paper.
    Do note that 2/3 of the women there are converts whose primary source of “Islamic” knowledge is their husbands…and sites like islamqa. Converts fall prey to polygynous men at an alarming rate.

  10. You are right, I have noticed many of the women there are reverts. They seem to turn to salafi sources for guidance, and there is a great abundance of those around! But the men are muslims, born and bred. And sites like islamqa give these men carte blanche to polygyny, abuse and so on. Well, if women in the west with a freedom to choose go for this, ok. But it’s horrible when they try to manipulate vulnerable women with little choice to bow to their horrid interpretations. Welcome Ayah, and thank you for posting!

  11. By the way, my grandfather used to say “egad”, when he was at his most wodehouse-esque. I haven’t heard anybody use that expression since then. Has it become kitsch? 🙂

  12. Ana herself is a revert. She is as you say barely literate and a woman of very poor intellect. She consorts with a non mahram man whom she calls her wali although they are not related. She denies free will and the hadiths. She opposes sunnah. She lives with a man who has committed zina and who is continuing to do so since the second mariage is not valid due to the zina committed without penitence and the women being amoral. Ana is also committing a serious sin since she is helping her husband commit zina buy allowing his adulterous, unvalid relation with the other woman. Anas views on child marriage and islam allowing statutory rape are heinous and sinful and she will have to answer to her maker. Maybe her lack of knowledge and intellect will be held in her favor. But Ana doesn’t realize that since her husband is a sinner and an apostate, her own marriage is also invalid and unlawful So she herself is a whore. If she knows this and still carries on, she is considered one of the worst sinners.

  13. The thing that matters to me is that the woman is spreading evil. Everything else is up to her.

  14. Ana comes from a dysfunctional family. They are typical white trash with little or no education. As you can see Ana can’t tell the difference between pour and poor… The whole family are now fighting over a dead sister. Ana says the death of her sister didn’t upset her much but having to deal with the family does. They can’t even respect death and show some respect for a sister. 😦 Ana won’t go to the funeral, not even to pay her last respects. She has no intellectual or emotional ability at all. She often speaks about not wanting to be around people, never inviting anybody to her home. Ana is obviously a deeply disturbed woman with sociopathological tendencies. Being in the hands of an abusive and criminal bigamist naturally hasn’t helped. Ana is obviously also unawares that quite a few of her bloggers only go there to provoke Ana to make sick statements that they can pass on to other sites. It is sad really. And now to watch this sick woman vomit hate towards her own family all over her blog before her dead sister is even buried. It says a lot about Ana, what kind of breed and person she is…

  15. She is an unsufferable twat. A sick and hateful hypocrite. She’ll turn on anyone on the blog. Even those who have been with her for years, if they dare show some backbone and common sense. They are getting ready to implode even as we speak. I hope the cool ones find their way over here, as well as those who visit 411 genuinely seeking help and support – neither of which can be found there.

  16. Fiona, thanks for commenting. I did not see this post earlier. Great job !
    It will be helpful to make a post which attempts to understand women like Ana and others on that blog. My original reaction to what she does and writes was same as above but eventually I started to pity her and the many other women. It’s really sick and wrong what she tries to do and sometimes success in doing through that blog but I think she is a victim of childhood abuse, dysfunctional family and now Stockholm syndrome. She gets a satisfaction by promoting the lifestyle she has to live. She feels in control by allowing only a certain viewpoint on her blog. She is v harsh to anyone who tries to reason with her and eventually blocks those people. She has created her own world on that blog which she rules. All this makes up for her giving up the rights in real life and submitting to her husband. Islamic polygamy is convenient excuse to stay in that marriage and justify her husband having mistress. I feel sorry for this woman.

  17. I agree. I pity her. But I can’t condone that she aids and abets in abuse. Still, I do pity her.

  18. Things are definitely boiling over there! Man, the hate that Jenny gets is crazy. If she was a Muslim woman saying those things there would be no problem -she’d be “doing the right thing” being strict in bringing her children up Muslim and not allowing them to be confused/tainted by the Jewish background. But since she’s a Jew…well…that’s tantamount to child abuse in their eyes. When the Muslim ladies are rude and arrogant, it’s okay, but any non-muslim says their life is going great, they’ve got a happy marriage, well clearly they’re being abominably rude and arrogant and oppressing Muslims everywhere!

    It’s laughable how when Jenny tries to provide concrete advice that can help out some sisters achieve independence financially, it gets shut down, but Ana had no problem letting one of the Muslim sisters deliberately drum up her contacts business in the comments. The Hypocrisy is Strong with this one. Long live Darth Ana! Ay…I have so many more things to say but I’ll bite my tongue (off, probably LOL).

  19. Laila, I think you hit it dead on. I know I should pity her and perhaps in a way I do, but mostly I pity those who fall for her nonsense. She’s had years to get a grip but instead she’s swirling further and further into religious mania. Most of the women there come there with raw wounds and vulnerable (especially Muslim women). Except Ummof4 who has a perfect life living this way (so she says, at least).

  20. My thought exactly! Let’s hope Allie can keep contributing wherever she wishes – I appreciate her input very much! ❤

  21. Unchained,
    How do you know that she lurks here? I mean, it makes sense, but how would you know?

  22. Yes, I can tell from the stats, and from private e-mails from Ana’s friends that she does.

  23. In a recent post by Ana, I read that she was concerned that people are going to blogs run by non-Muslims for advice. I am sure she is feeling challenged, exposed with this blog becoming active again and many muslim women asking questions and contributing to this blog.

  24. Saad,
    I just wanted to make this clear since I probably didn’t express myself well over there! I don’t disagree with the sentiment behind what you were saying, just that *that* place in particular will never be receptive to anything other than their truth. These are abused women who have banded together and bonded in their abuse. Instead of seeing the true problem (Islamic laws regarding Polygyny and women’s rights), they focus on the symptoms (Pakistani men). That is not the place to have an objective or healthy debate – they are living very emotionally repressive lifestyles. I truly feel bad for many of them because as long as they stick to that, they are never going to know true happiness.

    Ana can’t see that this lifestyle she promotes is destructive in every sense of the word, there’s no way she’d see that she’s promoting hate. She can’t see the truth that the problem is not Muslim men from certain countries but Islam itself.

  25. Haha, that’s something I worried about initially actually when deciding whether I should use different names. I figured that for me personally it would be too hypocritical. It’s probably easier for me because I don’t have a long history of posting there and therefore nothing to fear in terms of retaliation so I can understand why others wouldn’t.
    If I get banned, then I get banned but I do try to stay respectful over there.
    Whenever I want to speak my mind I just remember that this is a group of victimized women – victimized by the person they love most (husband), by the religion, and then again by those they turn to for support! The women who stay at Ana’s either don’t want the truth or can’t handle it. By telling them the reality, it just pushes them further into the arms of their abusers.

    (Disclosure: I was in an abusive relationship. I was intelligent and knew more than most women the resources available and this was just Not Right, but still I couldn’t leave because I wasn’t ready. People who tried to help ended up getting cut out of my life. I stayed for nearly two years before snapping out of it. I see a lot of me in them – the unwillingness to face reality – and can just hope that one day they can find peace)

  26. Staying in an abusive relationship has, as we all know, nothing to do with intelligence. The mechanisms are extremely complicated and for me, having faced that I too an willing to stay even when abused in a horrific manner, has scarred me. But it has also made me stronger. My relationship with Mark is still tainted by it, and he is still paying for it psychologically. Well, maybe I should write a novel about it. Has anybody used the title Atonement, do ya think? 😉

  27. i think i remember you from 411 blog (giving me a shutup call 😀 )
    Allie! inter-racial marriage is a bad idea and specially with south asian males. so it should be avoided. However i got angry when i read some posts when they were ridiculing not just individuals but my country and whole nation.

    during the conversation when i asked them that, if pakistan nation is bad, you people are bad too, who are killing innocent children in drone attacks.
    ( ) then this muslimah said they deserve it because Allah is doing justice with them. can you imagine any sane person (having a shred of humanity left in him) saying this? why should any body die before his time?

    if this is what their religion teaches them then christianity is far better. at least it has a concept of loving father(GOD) and not of a monster who would even kill babies for the sake of “JUSTICE”.

  28. Allie,
    The only thing I would add to your descriptive list is the consistently narrow and regressive interpretation that Ana makes OF Islamic law (and which she does not recognize as a choice since she denies choice exists, although she is a lifelong beneficiary of it.)

    Ana has said multiple times in response to concerns from her readers that if you are living according to the will of Allah , then Allah will protect you against stds. It is truly stunning that a middle aged woman with a college education would say such a thing. As such she is in agreement with the cleric who counseled the young contributor here that her concern for stds from her husband sprang from jealousy, and that her husband’s privacy overrode hers. I don’t think Ana would ever say that exactly, but own viewpoint ploughs the same field. The only thing I can fathom is that her having no children enables Ana to live in a medieval world. I doubt anyone would say such a dangerous thing to their own children.

  29. Oh, I think she counsels that very thing. Perhaps not verbatim, but close enough. By marking everything off as the Qadr of Allah, she is saying that. She trivializes every conflict a woman naturally has as “diseased heart” and that they have to get right with her version of God and accept their fate. Alhamdulillah.

    This of course begs the question, why strike out at people who don’t walk her “siratal mustaqeem”….they’re just robots walking around doing what they do and saying what they say at the whim of Allah. A wife is struck with HIV due to her philandering husband? Well golly gee, Allahu Akbar. That wife obviously is not a “believer”. Ugh.

  30. I did too, which is why I’m even more appalled at myself for staying in this insanity as long as I did.

    I actually met a woman at work yesterday who was in a similar situation. I’m new in this town and it’s a pretty small one compared to where I lived before. The worker has an Islamic name (I’ll call her “A”) and I was curious so I asked where she’s from. Turns out she’s a convert and she left her husband after he took wifey #2 and subsequently got physically abusive toward “A”. She packed up everything that would fit in her car and hit the road. Arrived here, halfway across the country, thought it seemed like a nice place, and put down roots. She is a mild mannered, obviously submissive woman normally, but she hit her breaking point like we all do and said ENOUGH. The experience scarred her, but made her see she’s worthy and capable of so much more. Her job doesn’t pay great but she’s independent for the first time in decades. And far stronger.

    Never thought I’d meet an Islamic polygyny survivor here in redneckville. But it proves that any woman can survive the abuse and start over.

  31. The real living hell however exists for all the women out there who don’t have that option. Islam has created societies where women are de facto slaves and hostages to their husbands. What can a woman in Oman, Yemen, Saudi do to protect herself from abuse? To free herself from a man who marries other women? Who beats her? Tales her children from her? Islamism is for women what slavery in the US was for coloureds.

  32. Saad, Christianity is no better. There are stories in the bible that are absolutely horrific – acts done either by God or by people in his name. The thing is, the vast majority of Christians today distance themselves from it, most of which is contained in the Old Testament.

  33. Right, Fiona. We’re in America. In the west. If we were in the Middle East or South Asia it would be a whole different story. Though the women in my ex’s family are pretty formidable. One of them, when her husband (my ex’s brother) put his hands on his wife, she mopped the floor with his ass. My ex’s sister divorced her first husband when he took wife #2 and she had no problem remarrying. There are exceptions to every rule, but we’re not talking about Saudi Arabia or Yemen or even Pakistan here. Plus, my ex’s family is wealthy…they’re not remote villagers or anything like that. In the tribal regions, forget it.

  34. I can understand the anger but having a discussion with them is like trying to get them to look through your telescope to the stars. Because theirs is focused on looking at the ground they will never understand and they don’t truly want to.
    Ana – from her own words – grew up in a messed up family. It seems like her method of coping was finding religion (Islam in this case). For people like this it becomes a crutch instead of a guide and they become obsessive about it. She makes it clear that to be muslim you have to believe every word 100%, have no disagreement, doesn’t matter if your translation or understanding could be wrong, etc. So for her to acknowledge your points as valid she would have to acknowledge her understanding or her religion is deficit. That would really bring into doubt what she has done with her life and the bonds she has forged. Believing everything has happened because Allah willed it is her coping mechanism for the abuse and allows her to remain passive.

  35. “Staying in an abusive relationship has, as we all know, nothing to do with intelligence. ”

    Oh I know! I’m just mentioning it because it’s such a stereotype. We stay for various reasons. My point is that sometimes the intelligence works against us and blinds us to the reality. “I’m an intelligent woman, I would never let that happen to me! Therefore while this LOOKS like abuse, it’s really not because I am so much smarter than this.”
    Instead of acknowledging the painful truth we try to pretend it’s something different (“My husband isn’t following his pecker to a newer and younger pasture, this is what Allah ordained!”).

    Ultimately we are so lucky that we live in western countries that safeguard our rights as human beings not classifying us as male or female and then deciding what rights we get. Without that…well… you are right Fiona, it’s a living hell! (We’re seeing it in action right now in Nigeria with Boko Haram trying to split away to become an Islamist nation…they’ve kidnapped 276 girls who had the audacity to want an education and now are threatening to sell them as sex slaves)

  36. //Ana was emotionally tortured and forced into polygamy by a criminal husband who wanted to be able to fuck a white-trash burger flipper by becoming a bigamist.//

    Fiona i think calling somebody white-trash is racist? though i wanted to call Ana white-trash when she was being racist. but i stopped myself thinking other people might get hurt. but now i have seen you using it?

  37. Ana is African American, so it might be a bit odd calling her white trash…

    As I see it, you are allowed to kick sideways or up, not down. If you listen to rap e.g. you will find a lot of coloured people using the N-word. I, being white, could never do that. Would never do that. I have heard Seinfeldt make jokes about jews. I would never, could never do that. But being white, I can make jokes about whites. I can speak derogatory about white people and still be pk. Not that I bother about pk.

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