Marry Men of your Choice, Two or Three or Four or Five

My best friend and her husband have come to spend the day, help out with the barn, cook something nice.. Graham and her husband are out in the toolshed, me and Mel are fixing coffee. I have been telling her all about my husband and his #2’s visa problems. It’s so nice to be able to laugh about it, to talk it through with someone I trust completely, someone who is also able to come up with even more vicious jokes about Bimbo than I am.. πŸ˜‰

Mel has known my husband almost as long as I have. She loves him dearly. She also loves Graham, and considers me fortunate to have found a man like him. She never had any problems with me becoming polyandrous, she just wanted me to be happy.

We both agree, women are more suited to be polygamous than men are. Men can’t organize, men are weak and feeble, they surrender their wits to their desires without thought, they are really in bad need of a maintainer and guardian. Biologically also, a woman can satisfy the needs of at least 4 men every night, while men will find it completely impossible to keep that up..! πŸ™‚

And we are all aware, in situations like these, everybody knows the best thing would be for her to marry both of them, so they can live happily ever after..

I sent a text to my husband, telling him how much I love him. Now, we’ll take the coffee out to the barn and join Mel’s husband and Graham.


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