A Husband should be Devoutly Obedient, Tend to his Wife’s Wishes and be a Source of Calm and Pleasure to Her.

Jacuzzi_Family_Vineyard_Olive_PressGraham has been working from home today, so we’ve been able to spend the entire day together.

He was doing numbers, and I was working on the lecture I’m delivering in Paris. We’ve been trying to work, but we’ve been giggly all day, giving each other stupid suggestions to “help out”, and finally we decided to give up and continue working on the barn conversion instead. We have begun to lime wash the walls, and after a while we were both splattered with white paint.

So, we have just spent some time in the outdoor jacuzzi, freshening up and making love. Now, I’m in my onepiece, watching Graham preparing the mussels we’re having for dinner later.

Graham is an extremely careful and considerate lover. He concentrates completely on me, and is so tender and so loving. I wonder how I’d react if he wanted to become polygamous too? Honestly, if you would want for your sister what you want for yourself – I would wish for every woman to have a husband like Graham… 😉 But, I admit, I really really wouldn’t want to share him with anybody. Ever.

I had a quick talk with my husband yesterday. I said everything is fine, and I wished him a good night. He said he missed me, and then he said “I love you, I love you so much”. I had heard his #2’s voice in the background earlier, so obviously she was around. Well, their dump is so small, I suppose it’s unavoidable.

We have agreed on texting rather than calling when we are with the other partner. And if we have to call, we have agreed never to talk about intimacies or use words of endearment, because we want to spare our partner’s feelings. So, my husband was obviously not following our agreement. He was talking love with me, and he was doing it with his #2 listening.

Obviously, he wanted me to answer him and say I love him too. Perhaps, he thought Graham was listening. Since Graham was in the shower, I could easily have answered “I love you too”, but I didn’t. I just said “I know” , then I said goodnight.

It’s funny. My husband is doing all the things prejudiced people are claiming are typical female things. Just goes to show that actions and reactions are human, not male or female. Men are just as needy, jealous, dependent, petty and manipulative as women – but since men are usually in power it doesn’t show. Not until we force them into submission. 🙂

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