My Husband’s Turn to Fear Being the Lonely Spouse

Looking_down_on_the_Chilterns_(79419548)When I came home to the Chilterns this morning, Graham had already left for work.

I have missed him so much! I put one of his old sweaters on. It smells of him, and it has kept me warm all day. It’s been a lovely day today, I was even able to have coffee outside, and stay in the sun for an hour without getting cold. The house feels cold though, old stone houses don’t warm up easily, so I still have a fire going in the burner.

When Graham came home, I had prepared a picnic for us in the coach house. It was all snug and romantic, and making love in the coach house made me feel a bit like a character in a D H Lawrence novel.. 😉

We’ve decided to go for a walk, as soon as Graham has finished doing the dishes. The dogs are absolutely desperate to go running in the meadows, chasing rabbits and birds.

Before I left this morning, after we made love, my husband asked me to call him tonight, just to say good night. Normally we just text each other, to spare our #2:s having to listen to conversations between us, but tonight my husband wanted me to call. He said he needed to hear my voice. He has started to compete, to play the manipulative games of a second spouse…

I’ll call him when Graham is in the bathroom.

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