The Calm Before the Storm?

French_KissMy husband woke me up this morning to make love, and then he brought us breakfast in bed. Hazelnut coffee, the kind I love.

We read the Guardian and discussed the pros and cons of making English the official language.. (As someone once said, there is actually no need to protect the language of Shakespeare! =) )

My husband left for work. I’ve been busy all day preparing some new lectures. I’ve been enjoying the silence, the calm in the house and in my marriage. I am well aware however that the calm is superficial – there are storms building up underneath.

All of us are uncertain, of each other and of the future.

I know, in the end, I’ll be able to take whatever comes my way.

I am very happy however, not to be moving to a hostile, sick and elderly aunt of my polygamous husband. An uncertain existence as an unwanted second wife in a family that resents me does not seem to me to be an enviable future…

The thought of her there, in Oman, not being able to see my husband for more than 4 weeks per annum, tops, is – I must admit – simply delightful… 😉

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