“If Polygamy is Awesome, how come Polygamous Societies Suck so Much?”

421px-January_1945_Cover_of_Speed_AdventureThe headline is a quote from a very interesting article by Razib Khan. You can find the article here

To me, who have been forced into close encounter with the misogyny of islam, the abuse and denial of humans rights, (islam being the cult responsible for most of the polygamous cultures in the world), the truth is obvious: Any ideology that awards one group of people rights, be it men, arians or free people, at the expense of another group, be it women, jews or slaves, creates a society of fear, pain, suffering, abuse, violence, rape and evil.

History has provided us with ample empirical proof of this.

A man who is given power over another person will use that power, and will enjoy doing it. A man, given the rights to torture and abuse and rape by society, religion and law, will torture, abuse and rape. Islam is really just The Stanford Prison Experiment put into IRL practice.

And, just like in the Stanford Experiment the prisoners turned on each other, helped their tormentors to keep the oppressive system intact, mechanisms in islam turn women into the inner enemy, fighting each other to try to get ahead. Polygyny is the perfect example of what a religious Stanford Experiment looks like in real life.

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