Anything but Polygamy…

Backlit_Pink_Rose_Interior_With_Drops_(209284324)We’ve been circling tenderly around each other, carefully avoiding the subject of polygamy. With things being what they are, it seems absurd to spend the evening talking about new roses for the garden, and yet somehow unavoidable. We badly needed a break from hurting each other. We need to pretend life is normal for a short while.

I am tired. I need to find my strength again somehow.

I’m dreading the day my husband leaves for Oman with #2. I feel my life will never be the same again after that. Well, there’s nothing much I can do about it all.

We’ll just sit in the conservatory, sip some wine, and talk about whether we prefer Queen Elizabeth or Devon Pink.

I’ll worry about polygamy tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow….


6 thoughts on “Anything but Polygamy…

  1. Thank you – very interesting indeed! I found the analysis to be spot on! It really is so sad, the way sects and religious cults can ruin lives – continents even. I feel so saddened e.g. by what just happened in Boston – it’s horrible how young people can be so manipulated by religion, and it’s frightening how difficult it is to cure people of Stockholm syndrome… Good to hear from you again, Vera!

  2. I went to the link above and I highly recommend that you talk to women in Islaam. Islaam is not as seen on TV. I am a women in polygany and I am a Muslim women and I don’t suffer from Stockholm’s Syndrome. Both of you are more than welcome to check out my blog. As for all of the hadith and Qur’an you use to back up what you think, feel, and believe… Islaam is the fastest growing religion in the world… Explain that. I’ll email you my phone number if you like to talk because honestly your blog sickens me and confirms that there are people who hate Islaam.

  3. Hello – and welcome back!
    First of all – people who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome don’t know they do. If they did, they would be on the road to recovery…. So denying it, is part of the disease.

    In the 1930’s, nazism was the fastest growing ideology in the world. Explain that. (Funny thing is, I think you’ll find that the explanations will be very similar, if not identical).

    And, you know, I don’t hate islam. I really don’t. I can understand that a cult that was created 1500 years ago would be based on misogyny, slavery and war since these were phenomena of the time. I can understand these things in the history of other religions too. The thing I hate is when people today claim that these phenomena are right or based on divine truths. TODAY – there are no excuses for defending inequality, misogyny, slavery, corporal punishments, pedophilia et.c. Claiming e.g. that white people have rights over coloured people is horrid and diseased. Claiming that men have rights over women is horrid and diseased. And I simply don’t care whether somebody makes these claims on ideological grounds, like nazis, or on religious grounds, like islamists. It’s all sickening.

    Anyway, I read some of your story. I am so sorry for you. We were all created equal, with equal rights, equal legal, religious, social status. That you, and other women, hunker beneath oppression and abuse and actually regard yourselves as under your husband’s authority is so sad, so, no offense, revolting. Why would your husband have rights that you don’t have? Why does he have the right to rob you of half a husband, while denying you a couple of hours to yourself? Why does he have a right to fuck another woman, give her half his earnings, rob your children of half their father – and not allow you the right to take the half of your life he has spat on and abandoned to use as YOU like? Why don’t you have the SAME RIGHT to fuck another man, give him half your life, half your love – the same as your husband?

    If you at some point realize you want or need help, you can find organizations who have life-lines here: Another option, if you live in a democratic country, is of course turning to the social services. Since your husband is a bigamist and a criminal, you can simply turn him in to the police.

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