Does it make me Happy that my Co-Wife is Suffering?

Magnolia_campbellii_flowersSo, here goes:

I came home to London yesterday evening. My husband was waiting for me, he had prepared dinner and set the table in the conservatory, candles and everything.

He was very sweet and tender, but also on edge. He knew from his mother that they had called me, so he knew that I was aware of the entire situation.

To begin with, he wanted to know about the phone call, what his parents had said and how I reacted. I tried to tell him all about it, but honestly, that phone call had been so upsetting to me, I remember it almost in a haze. My husband told me his mother’s reaction had been worse even than mine, when he told her what he had done. I’m finding that a bit hard to believe, but maybe her reaction was harder for him to take…

My husband and his #2 have been discussing their options over and over, he tells me. Of course, this is a disaster to them. Anyway, they, or she rather if I am to believe my husband, have decided to take up on the offer from my husband’s aunt in Oman. So #2 will be going there to stay, and they will try to find ways to get her a new visa from there. InshAllah… 😉

Earlier this year, before the visa trouble began, they had been planning on going to Yemen to visit her family, so we had agreed on a three week vacation. Graham and I are booked to go to the Caribbean, and now, instead of Yemen my husband will take #2 to Oman.

All good.

But then what? My husband only has 4 – 5 weeks off every year, he can’t just up and go to Oman. My husband said #2 is aware of this, and she wanted to ask if I would consider giving her ALL of his vacation weeks, since I’ll be getting all her other time. I said I’ll think about it.

My husband is so depressed, it really worries me. Of course, he will miss her, but I also think he’s afraid that she will be asking for a divorce. If he can’t go to her, but is forced to leave her alone in Oman with his aunt for more than four months in a row, without being able to visit, she will be able to go to court and ask for an islamic divorce on grounds of abandonment. This is such a mess. And falling out with his parents is also extremely upsetting to my husband.

He kept saying how sad and afraid #2 is feeling. He says she’s in pain. How do I feel about that? Well, in a way I feel good about it – finally it’s her turn to suffer, to feel powerless and to be forced to give up her husband. Maybe now she will be able to understand how I have felt! At the same time I realize, I don’t really care at all about what she feels, either way. I don’t even know the woman!

I am worried, however, about the effect this will have on my situation. How will this change my life? :p

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