The Abusive Mothers in Polygamy- Maureen

By: D S Pruitt

By: D S Pruitt

Maureen was forced into polygamy by her husband ca 7 years ago. The ride has been hell for Maureen, as she has often stated, but being a fanatical islamist Maureen has decided to submit and bear the never ending pain as a test from Allah.

She has also decided not to protect her child, but to submit her too to hell on earth.

Maureen’s husband had a daughter from a previous marriage, a child who was like a true daughter to Maureen. (Since the daughter was with her father, not her mother, we might guess that Maureen’s husband had used his “right” as a muslim man to take the child from it’s real mother). The daughter lived with Maureen and her husband and Maureen loved her like a daughter.

If you were a stepmother, and you loved the child like your own, wouldn’t you protect the child from abuse?

Well, Maureen decided not to. Maureen decided instead to protect her husband’s right to fuck other women in the presence of the child, and his right to live with, and fuck, a drug-addict and alcoholic, and have his daughter live with this addict, in order to be able to fuck the drug-addict more often.

So Maureen let her husband place the daughter with a drug-addict and alcoholic, force his little girl to live with this addict who was constantly high or drunk, according to Maureen. Maureen does nothing to prevent it. Maureen describes how the child is devastated, afraid and tormented. Maureen lets it happen, and she lets it go on, year after year. Why?

Well, because her husband met this woman, a year after he married Maureen, and he immediately started fucking her. When Maureen found out, he simply made his mistress his second wife. To Maureen – this makes everything ok. It’s “islamically correct”. Maureen states that it hurts, and she almost goes mad from the pain, but that only means that she must pray more, it doesn’t mean that her husband has done anything objectionable.

So, as Maureen herself states, life turns into hell for the daughter. Can you imagine what this must have been like for a little girl who sees her “mother” fall to pieces under the abuse of her father, and the girl slowly realizes that her stepmother, whom she trusted, will do nothing to protect her but let the little girl live her life in an abusive environment filled with drugs and alcohol and warped sex.

The husband and wife nr 2, the alcoholic, live in Dublin, Maureen lives in Germany. The husband spends most of his time in Dublin, so he decides the daughter should live in Dublin with the alcoholic #2. Maureen is proud of not objecting, since she is an obedient muslim wife. Obviously, this means that she does nothing to protect the daughter, but sends her off to an abusive environment. So the daughter, who is now ca 10 years old, must watch her dad share bedroom with a new woman, where he fucks a new wife, a second wife, who is constantly drunk or high. Now and again he goes to Germany to fuck Maureen. Maureen’s comment is that she’s working very hard at taking it all as a true muslimah, submitting to her husband’s orders and wishes, regarding it all as a test from Allah. When some other women write to her that this constitutes child abuse and that Maureen is responsible, she answers that she knows the girl is suffering. SHE KNOWS.

However, she is more concerned with lashing out against the “sick haters” who believe this kind of polygamy is abusive. Maureen is proud of being able to survive this test from Allah – the more abusive the situation the greater the test seems to be the idea according to Maureen. She also states that sex with husband is great, and she is obviously enjoying the masochistic sides of this polygamous situation. Allowing the little girl to be continuously and severely abused is maybe a small price to pay to allow Maureen to enjoy her warped sexuality?

Obviously, she is willing to let the daughter pay the price.

Maureen says the children must learn to respect their father, that she, and they (the drug-addict has a child too), must simply “face the music” and that it all being hell is irrelevant, she specifically writes that she doesn’t give a damn about her family, this is all about her and her husband.

And besides, her stepdaughter getting used to her father fucking at least two women, her daughter learning that abuse is normal and a good test from Allah, that you will be rewarded for submitting, that a woman must submit and obey regardless of mental, physical and sexual abuse, is good since it is all islamically correct and the daughter must prepare for a life as a muslim wife. Maureen explicitly writes that a man who thinks his wife is an equal, a human being with equal rights, is “disgusting” and that it is horrid when a woman claims basic human rights such as freedom and the right to decide over her own life, over her own body:

We, women, are not cut for that, N.N. Not only islamically, but also morally.
It’s against our nature.

Instead Maureen thinks it’s moral, good and islamic to leave your daughter with an alcoholic and drug-addicted whore in Dublin, to have a husband who fucks this whore and later takes her as his second “wife”, who keeps Maureen on as a half-decent fuck in Germany while he forces his daughter to live, and watch, his abusing and fucking two sexually and mentally distorted women.

Maureen sums it up:

what matters really is that it is permissible by Allah ‘n in Islam ‘n one has to accept it.


Fanaticism and islamism thus makes Maureen an abusive mother. And proud of it.

6 thoughts on “The Abusive Mothers in Polygamy- Maureen

  1. This just breaks my heart! How can anyone become as sick and twisted as this? How can a woman and a mother have her husband abuse her kids, have his mistress use drugs and abuse the kids? How’s this girl doing today – do you know?
    Thanks for sharing stories with us here. You seem to be an amazing woman!

  2. Do these people even know what Islam is? They seem to be living Islam the way the KKK are living Christendom…

  3. Well, the tragedy is – Maureen is currently pregnant. With the intellectual ability Maureen has shown, and described the father to be in possession of, the baby is likely to be born a retard. If the authorities were to find out about Maureen’s disabilities and history of child-abuse, the child would obviously be taken into custody. As things stand, the child is now likely to grow up to be a victim or a perpetrator of abuse, as it will be brought up by a mother (and a father!) who are mentally, morally and sexually diseased.

  4. The real tragedy’s in these stories are the innocent parties – the children. However, there is an innocent party in your story too. The innocent young 18 year old child that most likely had very little choice if any at all in the marriage to your husband. If the story is typical, she is very much a sheltered child, and was basically sold to your husband by her family. She probably had very little contact with him before her wedding night! You say she has no education, speaks little english and has been removed from the land she knows and brought to a unfamiliar country and culture. She knows no-one, has no-one except your husband, and he is totally controlling her in every way. She was probably raised with few goals in mind and those were to be a wife and a mother. Yet your husband knowingly lied from the very beginning about his ability to provide her one of those goals and with something that is extremely important to her – children. And now he is letting her think it is her fault. All because he wanted a young woman to meet his needs and to have sex with!! In my book this is all just as abusive as the situation you describe about the step-mother.

    You say the step-mother bears responsibility for the abuse, but do you bear any responisbility at all because in a way you are also allowing the abuse to happen to the young girl in your situation? Does she not deserve at the very least to have ALL the information about her real situation? I realize you did not cause this to happen to her, but neither did the step-mother you describe above cause what is happening to her husband’s child. She is letting it happen in her situation, and so are you in your situation! In knowing that abuse is happening to some-one, even though we are not the cause of it, does that make us responsible too in some way for that abuse? In saying “this is not my problem – my husband created this problem – it’s not my place to do anything”, does that absolve you of any responsibility?

    I guess these are only a few of the many questions that one must come to face with in these type of no-win situations! It really is a sad situation all around, but it is especially tragic on the innocent ones involved.

  5. In many ways, I believe you are right about my husband’s #2. She comes from a culture that allows women very little freedom to make their own choices, if any. I have asked my husband, and he says he met her 6 times prior to their marriage. The fourth time he asked, and was permitted, to talk to her alone. He asked her then if she really wanted to, willingly and freely, marry him. He says he explained to her that he had children older than her,that he would never divorce me, that he would never be able to introduce her to society as his wife. He says he was truthful about everything except the baby-part. According to him, #2 said that she was happy to be his wife on these conditions, that she found him attractive and that this marriage would put her one up on her sisters whose husbands were of lower social standing than my husband and also that she wanted to get away from her mother who was over protective and a nag. To me, this sounds like the typical immature, selfish teenager who can’t see the consequences of her actions. She was simply after the prom-queen tiara. I only ever really met and talked to her the time she came to my house. I greeted her and went to my room to change. I could hear her screaming about how my house was palatial and grand and hers was a dump and that ment my husband was unfair. He tried to explain that the house and the money is mine, I’ve inherited it, and then she screamed that he should just take it from me because he’s my husband and is allowed. She yelled that I was old and she was young and beautiful so she deserved everything better than me…. well well. I suppose you can be a selfish, silly bitch even if you’re a muslimah from Yemen… NOT so innocent at all.

    And – an important thing to remember – #2 has never been in my care, has never been my responsibility. There’s the rub, the huge rub! I don’t even know the woman… And yes, she is young BUT she is not a child.

    With Maureen, it’s a different story. A child, a real child, is involved. The little girl was in Maureen’s care, she was Maureen’s charge. Maureen chose to desert her, to throw her to the wolves. 😦

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