The Great Advantage with Having 2 Spouses.

Heart-beatAfter lunch suddenly my husband started calling, over and over again. Obviously he had noticed that he sent the message to me instead of to #2.

I couldn’t answer the phone, I didn’t know what to say, I had lost my voice again just like when he first told me he had become polygamous and the pain made me scream silently inside. Still, I couldn’t turn the cell off, I wanted to know that he was trying to reach me, I wanted to know how eagerly he was trying.

When Graham came home, I was still just sitting there, watching the cell, and it was still ringing. My husband kept trying to call every 10 minutes or so. When Graham saw me sitting there without answering he picked the cell up, and saw who was calling. He checked the phone and found the message. I didn’t try to stop him, I felt completely paralyzed.

When the cell started ringing again Graham answered. He told my husband in like 20 different ways that he’s a worthless piece of shit and that he should remember that I’m not too old to have children either, and that he was taking me straight to bed and would just maybe get one started right away. And he turned the cell off.

Then he asked me if I wanted to make love.

And I found my voice again. 🙂

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