A Polygamous Husband has No Life of his Own

"Don't do the crime if you can't do the time" Source: Wikimedia Commons

“Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” Source: Wikimedia Commons

I’m back with Graham.

As things are with my husband and his #2 right now, coming home to Graham is like reaching a haven of tranquility.

With Graham I feel like I’m monogamous again. I can concentrate on my life with him, the kids and how things are going for them at university, planting things in the garden… Things are, well, NORMAL. 🙂

Me and Graham never talk about my husband, I keep things separate, and I’m actually good at being just and fair in polygamy – I manage to compartmentalize.

My husband sucks at it.

Yesterday he texted me to say goodnight. Normally I text him back, you know, just to say goodnight, to let him know I’m ok. Yesterday I didn’t, because I was just sick and tired of him, I needed a break.

So, this morning he texted again. Can you guess? He wrote: “Good morning! Please let me know we’re ok – I can’t stand it when both of you are angry with me”. “Both of us”…!!! Gee….

And you know what? I don’t care if life is hell for him “over there”, I don’t care if he is fed up, I don’t care if he thinks his life is disappearing into a turmoil of misery and unhappy women. Choosing polygamy is choosing a life with no space for yourself, with a tight schedule divided between spouses and no room really for yourself. If you can’t handle it – don’t do it!

He simply never learns….

I didn’t even bother answering him. If he wants to talk about “both of us” he can do that with #2 – not with me. Enough now!

I’m preparing to seduce Graham when he comes home from work. I’m hoping a Karen Millen dress, some Diorissimo and a home made lamb bhuna will do the trick… 😉

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