My Husband must Learn that He might be “Married” to his Second wife, but I am Not!

800px-Gyrfalcon_(falco_rusticolus)_in_flightMy husband left really early this morning. Usually he leaves for work if swop-day is a weekday, and goes to the other wife after work. But today, since his #2 has been feeling so bad, he decided to go to see her before work.

She hadn’t been in touch after she ended up with me on the phone, so I reckoned that she’d spill the beans when my husband got there. And, sure enough, my husband called…

He wasn’t angry, he was more like desperate. He wanted to know exactly what I had said, and I told him. He said Bim (his #2) is close to losing it, she is so depressed. I said that’s not my problem, what are you calling me for? He said he just doesn’t know what to do.

I said, well you know I can handle being polygamous, I can be the leader and make both my relationships work. If you can’t do that it’s not really my problem. Your #2 is not my problem, she’s your problem. If you can’t handle polygamy, you should divorce one of us. He said: Fine, but can’t you stop hurting her?

How many times do I have to explain this to him?? :p

I said: Protecting her is not my job, it’s your job. Keeping her happy is your job, it has nothing to do with me. Your relationship with her has nothing to do with me. You have no right to make her a part of my life . YOU might consider yourself married to her but I’M CERTAINLY NOT. So it’s your job to keep HER and the NOTION of HER out of my life. If you don’t, I will hurt her, and it’ll be your fault.

He was quiet for a while. Then he said, “Can’t the two of you sit down together and sort things out? I think it would be important to Bim”.

I just can’t believe my husband sometimes…

I just said: Listen. You try to learn to handle that crazy hoe of yours, but KEEP HER THE HELL AWAY FROM ME. And stop robbing Graham of his time, don’t contact me again on his time, unless it’s an emergency. You have no right to invade my second husband’s time. You owe him an apology! Maybe you’d like to sit down with him to ask his forgiveness?

And i hung up.

Gee, this drama makes me tired….

2 thoughts on “My Husband must Learn that He might be “Married” to his Second wife, but I am Not!

  1. This is weird, but I had a dream about your hubby :/
    Long story short, after I told him bed/lie in it now, he topped himself.
    I woke up feeling guilty.

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