A Wife in Polygamy can Never have more than Half a Husband.

300px-Tox_inedible.svgMy “co-wife” has been texting, both last evening and a couple of times during the night. My husband first texted her back a couple of times, then he just read the texts without answering them. When she texted at 2 in the morning, and he started writing an answer, I told him that was it. I asked if there was some kind of emergency, if she was ill and needed an ambulance. He said no, she’s just terribly upset and miserable. I asked if it it was about pregnancy, and he said “Well, I suppose that is part of it” – whatever that means.

Anyway I told him it’s not ok to keep texting during the night if it’s not an emergency. He turned his cell off. When he put it back on this morning she called almost immediately, so she must have kept trying all through the night. He took the call, and went down in the pantry in order to be able to talk to her privately. This just makes me so angry!

When he came back up I told him he can’t do this, he can’t allow her to invade my home and our marriage. He was really stressed out and said: What can I do? She’s falling to pieces and needs me, I have to be there for her. I said no. You decided to be half a husband to two women instead of a complete husband to one. Now live with it! You can only be there for her half the time, that’s it. You chose this – suck it up! He was upset and shouted “Do you expect me to just desert her”? I said “Yeah – half the time! Just like you deserted me! You chose a life where you are doomed to keep deserting the people you love over and over again. You created this situation! Now you have to be just and give me my time, without letting her rob me of it! Your relationship has nothing to do with me, you just shouldn’t bring it to my house”

Do you know what he answered???

“Why can’t the two of you just be happy so I don’t have to deal with this shit”.


Luckily, he went into the bathroom, so I didn’t end up throwing things at him…. šŸ˜¦

As I was sitting there, catching my breath, his cell went off again. When I looked and saw she was the caller I just took the phone and screamed at her: “FUCK THE HELL OFF!! I hate you, you fucking silly whore and if you call again or in any way invade my home again I will make you pay for it for the rest of your life. BITCH!

Not the nicest thing to say, I know, but I was boiling…

Has she forgotten that SHE actually AGREED to marrying half a man????

When my husband came out of the bathroom he was ok again. Hm. I wonder what will happen when she tells him about the phonecall….

She stopped calling, anyway šŸ˜€

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