In Polygamy All People are Equal, and Some are More Equal than Others

128px-Nuvola_apps_date.svgWorked all day yesterday, and when I came home I was so hyped I decided to start cleaning the conservatory furniture. I am so looking forward to some warm weather and being able to spend some time in the garden.

I had a call from a company in France, they want me to come over to give some lectures in a couple of weeks. I said yes, mainly because I’m tempted by a couple of days in Paris.

But living polygamy is never easy now is it?

I would be going to Paris on a weekend that is scheduled for Graham. I wouldn’t be back in time to honour the schedule though, because I’m due to be with my husband on Sunday, and I won’t be back in London until Tuesday. So, my husband became angry and said I couldn’t go. 😦

So, I told him that when I have to travel for work, I don’t have to respect the schedule, and I can choose which spouse to bring, according to the rules my husband set himself when he first became polygamous. And I have decided to take Graham along. My husband sure didn’t like that, and he said I had to draw lots. I said I already had, and Graham won. Hubs answered I hadn’t drawn lots – we had been talking ever since I got the phone call. I said yeah, but the rules allow me to lie whenever I want in order to avoid arguments. At that, my husband stormed out of the room…. :p

Later he came back, sat at the kitchen table and just quietly looked at me for a while. Then he said: “It really is a Catch 22 isn’t it? There’s no way to come out on top when you’re on the recieving end. I am so sorry Fiona. I really did use to believe polygamy was fair, and if you just did it islamically it would be just and good. I was such a fool. I am so sorry, so sorry for doing this to us. I hate this.”

I could tell he was really upset. I told him I love him. That we are coping. Better and better all the time. He just shook his head. Then he said, Yeah – we have to, don’t we?

Still don’t know what’s going on with the baby issue and #2…. 😦

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