My Husband wants to make his Second Wife Pregnant..

421px-January_1945_Cover_of_Speed_AdventureAfter we had our son, our second child, my husband decided he didn’t want any more children and he had his tube cut. I was fine with it, I thought two children was enough.

When my husband told me he had married again I didn’t really know anything about polygamy, or islamic rules about polygamy. So I scanned the internet for facts. One of the things I realized was that having children is a major part of islamic marriage, and that having children is considered a spousal right.

So I couldn’t help wondering what my “co-wife” thought of the fact that my husband can’t have any more children.

I snooped and prodded, and came to believe that my husband simply hadn’t told her about being sterilized. 😦

That horrible evening when he brought her along to my house, and she started screaming about my house being so much grander than hers, I lashed out at her and called her worthless and said that she can’t even provide my husband with children. Of course, I was out to hurt her, but I also wanted to force my husband to come clean.

He said nothing. Nothing at all.

Afterwards, I asked him straight out, and he admitted to not having told #2 he can’t have any more children. I can tell you, I really let him have it..!

Anyway, for weeks now I have noticed something going on between them, and my husband has been nervous and distraught. I’ve been on edge too, wondering what’s been going on.

So today, when he comes home to me after having been with her, he tells me he’s thinking about looking into the possibility of surgery, to be able to have a child with #2.

He says she is totally a wreck over not having become pregnant. My husband tells me he STILL hasn’t told her he’s been sterilized, he’s just pretending it’s probably her fault.

I told my husband he is really being a pig. This is just too much, you don’t do this to anybody. He said he’s feeling awful about it, but he simply can’t tell her the truth now. He’s afraid she’d leave him. He says she’s nagging about being allowed to go to an ob to look if anything is wrong with her, but he is using his islamic prerogative and forbidding her to do this. He has forbidden her to do anything about it, claiming modesty-reasons. Being muslim, she has to obey her husband. A muslim wife, of course, is in bondage to her husband and my “co-wife” doesn’t even leave her flat without my husband’s permission. Convenient, isn’t it? So, he is making her believe it’s her fault. I was so angry with him when he told me this, but he says that islamically it’s his right since he is lying to her to keep the peace between husband and wife and this is allowed in islam.

So there you go.

Anyway, now he told me he’s thinking about going to the doctor to ask if the sterilization could be reversed.

I told him, if he does, I’ll divorce his a**, and I’ll take him for everything he’s got and I’ll present proof of his polygamy to his boss, his family and the police and he’ll never see his son or his daughter again because they’ll both side with me.

He started to cry. He said he didn’t believe I could be so cruel and deny his #2 the possibility to become a mother.

Can you believe it?? As if it’s ME denying her the possibility… 😦

I just told him to go f**k himself. He stormed out and has been gone for an hour…

Well, this is the muslim husband in a nutshell. Behaving like an abusive, selfish, lying pig, all the while saying it’s his islamic right to do so….. And it’s so convenient, there’s always one rule or another in islam that allows husbands to do anything they want to hurt, enslave and torment their women.


10 thoughts on “My Husband wants to make his Second Wife Pregnant..

  1. Wow, I don’t have kids, I never wanted them, but I was upfront to my husband out it. This is just low.I guess this gived her a right to divorce?

    I foresee a future with you having 2 husbands, and he only has 1 wife!!

    BTW, those ‘reversals’ don’t have a high success rate πŸ˜‰

  2. Being upfront is the only thing that really matters. And that’s what’s lacking in my husband. It really is sick the way islam encourages husbands to lie to their wives to keep them happy, as if women were children who can’t manage the truth. or aren’t even worth hearing the truth.. 😦 Nice to hear from you!

  3. I just came across your blog. I’m not 100% clear on the type of polygamous relationship you are practicing. I must say however that what you are describing is very far from what Islam truly is. It all sounds much more like Hislam. I am a practicing Muslimah with a practicing Muslim huand. What I read here is a lot being twisted and that is in no.way fair or just.

  4. Hello! I find it very difficult to answer your post, since you do not tell me what is unjust and twisted. If you were to be a bit more specific, I would gladly try to answer! //F

  5. Mind you your husband is wrong in this situation. Yes a man may ‘lie’ but its more the ‘I love you more than anyone in the world, yes you still are beautiful to me’ (even though maybe he prefered when you were 10 kilos lighter) kinda lies not the ‘I can have kids something is wrong with you’ kind of lies. Some men are happy to twist the religion to suit themselves I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to learn it for myself so I can put my husband in his place when he starts to act like its his ‘right’ to lie to me about big things or anything like that. I do feel sorry for your co wife though… will it really make a difference for you if he has a kid with her considering you have had a kid with your 2nd?

  6. Men AND women may say these kind of lies. Sometimes I tell my husband I love him and he doesn’t annoy me even though that day I’ve felt like punching him 100 times. Simply cause I don’t feel mentioning things at that point will be of any benefit, theres a time and place to bring up problems..

  7. Firstly, he should never have had the surgery as any birth control which is irreversible is forbidden in Islam so he should reverse it as soon as possible and ask forgiveness from Allah. In addition you have no right over their marriage and she has every right to have children. If you are so concerned then you can take oral contraceptives or practice coitus interruptus. You are not in control over your husband and men are the protectors and maintainers of women as it says in the Quran.
    Try to have patience insha’Allah

  8. My husband married me know ing I could not have a child with him and he said he did not want any now ten years on he want to have a second wife to have a child we marry in rabbat embassy and he is now liveing hear in the uk with and I do not agree

  9. Hi, and welcome. Does your family know? Do you have their support? There are many routes you could take now, you can threaten him with the authorities, or you can have your wali do it, or you could divorce him, or you could try and accept it (at your peril, because it will cost you your soul) – or you might even tell him he can go ahead but he’ll have to expect that you’ll take a second partner too. Is that an option? Please, tell us more about your situation!

  10. You guys have no clue about Islam. In Islam you can’t threaten peaople. In any religion you not supposed to lie or make each other feel bad. He only allowed to have more wife’s when we don’t have enough men.

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